Atläs ‎– Catacombs

Elite Tapes ‎– ELT-001


1 Untitled 8:57
2 Untitled 9:26


  • Music ByAtläs
  • Photography [Cover Photo] – Ben Long


Limited to 28 numbered copies.

Recorded 2005 - 2007 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


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May 5, 2007
edited over 10 years ago
This is the very short EP of Atlas's release from the label Elite Tapes. Judging from the noise this should be a very good start for the label, and yes, the labels first release is not a tape.

Both tracks are untitled and they are the type of noise tracks I'm starting to get into more. Very musical sounding. The first track starts with a light fading in drone and soon newer softer drones and wisps coming. They all fade very well together and smoothly. There's a few subtle loops as well that drift in and out of the soft haze of noise. Around half way through it picks up a bit with the level of drones and tones and then fades out into a loop to end the track.

Track #2 starts with water dripping and again, soft drones and tones that fade in and out. Sounds much like a Edward Ka-Spel experimental track he would have done with Tear Garden. Really light and smooth. Moves in the right directions and isn't boring at all. Both of these tracks would play fine on a creepy horror flick as just background noise. Both these track also seem to fit a certain formula the artists had in mind, which I like a lot because it means he put thought into this creation.

The packaging and artwork is the DIY style with a 2 panel cover in a plastic sleeve and limited to 28, but I'm so use to seeing these now that I don't even think twice anymore. I just go for the noise and in this case I really would love to here more from Atlas.