Aural Planet ‎– Part: Second

Planet Rec. ‎– prec0001
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Total Playing Time: 70:00
Produced & Copyrighted in 2000 by Planet Rec.

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  • Matrix / Runout: YIELD-CD YA 03085/00 AURAL PLANET IFPI U7M1


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November 26, 2018
edited 5 months ago

LunarPlanetariam was my favorite song off this CD with Samadhi next. Psi Generator and Semirotation are quality songs as well. So I am left pondering if those 4 songs are worth paying 100+ dollars for. Really it's all about Lunarplantariam for me. The pace and groove of that song fits into a very special niche of Classic Goa Trance songs that is rare and rather difficult to piece together unless you have an extensive collection of Classic Goa Trance and know how the pieces fit together. Lunarplanetariam is an important piece in the puzzle. Samadhi is a great song as well upon a second listen. So tough to pass on this one even for what some would say is an extremely ridiculous price. I can count on 2 hands how many great Classic Goa Trance releases came from 2000-2004 and this is certainly one of them.


August 15, 2008
This is a great goa album. The style reminds me most of that of Blue Planet Corporation. Let's dig in then.

Track 1 has a beautiful melody and singing vocal sample that really does make me feel like I'm walking through a secret garden! It takes awhile to build up but give it a chance and you shouldn't be disappointed!

In track 2 we are experiencing some aerial journey with all its carefully calculated and weighed jet thrusts, as the wonderful sample suggests! This is a stellar track and I really love the sample which fits in perfectly.

Track 3 must have been nothing too remarkable to me as I can't remember anything about it!

At track 4 I start to lose it. The music in this track sounds way too similar to track 2 (or maybe it was track 3?). There is also a pretty good sample in this track but not as good as the sample in track 2, so the track is of lower quality.

Track 5 is also pretty weak. The melody seems to be copied from MWNN. It doesn't go very far as the title suggests. At least it's a short track. :)

Now at track 6 we are hearing some more good music! This track is generating some high energy again after the let down in the last few tracks.

Track 7 is also nothing special to me. It's below standards compared with some of the others on this album.

Track 8 is another great track. It spends little time in getting started and then provides us a good 7-8 minutes of intense music. :)

Track 9 is another short track. It starts off sounding kind of like a victory track to me. It's a little lacking in the complexity that was abundant throughout the album thus far.

Now as we reach the end track 10 is a power down track. If you're expecting a Flow or Wavespell or After The Rain here you're going to be disappointed. This track works and is a similar style to the others, but I think it is pretty weak. It repeats an annoying sample over and over saying "we listen to our music at night" as though anyone cares what time they listen to their music at...!

All in all I really love this album. At least I love to listen to the first 2 tracks of it. The sound really doesn't change at all so it's quite taxing to try and listen straight through, but it's a good unique style. I'd definitely recommend!

Best tracks: 1, 2, 6, 8