Austere ‎– The Sound Of Silence I: An 'Unnatural History' Of Rare And Unreleased Tracks.

Sound-O-Mat ‎– SOM #11
Box Set, Compilation, MP3 Player w/Sandisk


This box set was released on 18 Jan 2008 at 02:13 AM EST to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the band's founding.

There are two editions of this box set: (1) a special edition of 20 free copies in unique hand-made boxes and (2) a "regular" edition limited to 50 copies of an 8x8-inch box set. Both contain the following items, amongst other things (the checklist is 19 items, the last being the checklist itself):

1. The "Austere Manifesto" printed on archival paper, describing the whole concept behind the musickians working together.
2. Four photos: two pair each, randomly chosen from a half-dozen pairs: two are from ten years ago or older, two are current; some are personal, some promotional, some random.
3. All tracks available on a 512MB SanDisk SD flash card, stored as 320Kbs CBR MP3 files.
4. An MP3 player, with earbud headphones, a USB cable, and battery, to play the tracks on the SanDisk card.
5. A 80mm (3") CDR with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP drivers for the USB MP3 player connection.
6. A "business card" with info about the band.
7. Instructions with a photo on how to use the MP3 player (there are four different models available, two in the spec. ed. and two in the reg. ed.)
8. An *absolutely unique* 78RPM disc made with an Emily Berliner record etcher/recorder that contains musick made specifically for each disc.
9. A hand-picked pubic hair.
10. Other stuff....