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NTS Session 1
t1a1 18:39
bqbqbq 11:15
debris_funk 10:25
l3 ctrl 16:51
carefree counter dronal 5:14
north spiral 15:03
gonk steady one 22:25
Four Of Seven 13:05
32a_reflected 7:01
NTS Session 2
elyc9 7hres 10:21
Six Of Eight (Midst) 8:41
xflood 9:24
gonk tuf hi 7:52
dummy casual pt2 5:15
violvoic 15:00
sinistrailAB air 2:40
wetgelis casual interval 2:56
e0 15:44
peal MA 5:03
9 chr0 15:44
turbile epic casual, stpl idle 21:32
NTS Session 3
clustro casual 11:03
splesh 8:56
tt1pd 22:11
acid mwan idle 11:56
fLh 8:20
glos ceramic 13:26
g 1 e 1 6:59
nineFly 10:04
shimripl air 7:05
icari 20:01
NTS Session 4
frane casual 13:42
mirrage 6:21
Column Thirteen 17:02
shimripl casual 25:19
All End 58:40

Versions (7)

Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
WARPCD 364 Autechre NTS Sessions(8xCD + Box, Ltd) Warp Records WARPCD 364 UK 2018 Sell This Version
WARP364 Autechre NTS Sessions 1-4(9xFile, FLAC + 12xFile, FLAC + 10xFile, FLAC + 5xF) Warp Records WARP364 UK 2018
WARP364 Autechre NTS Sessions 1-4(9xFile, MP3, 320 + 12xFile, MP3, 320 + 10xFile, MP) Warp Records WARP364 UK 2018
WARP364 Autechre NTS Sessions 1-4(9xFile, WAV + 12xFile, WAV + 10xFile, WAV + 5xFile) Warp Records WARP364 UK 2018
WARP364 Autechre NTS Sessions 1-4(9xFile, WAV, 24 + 12xFile, WAV, 24 + 10xFile, WA) Warp Records WARP364 UK 2018
WARPLP 364 Autechre NTS Sessions(12xLP + Box, Comp, Ltd) Warp Records WARPLP 364 UK 2018 Sell This Version
WARPCD 364, BRWP 364 Autechre NTS Sessions(8xCD + Box, Ltd) Warp Records, Beat Records WARPCD 364, BRWP 364 Japan 2018 Sell This Version


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May 4, 2019
referencing NTS Sessions, 8xCD + Box, Ltd, WARPCD 364

Loads of strong ideas, as always, but edited shorter probably stronger release.


April 17, 2019
referencing NTS Sessions, 8xCD + Box, Ltd, WARPCD 364
incomplete without surface noise ;-)
Again, hell yer... what a piece of a release. There is music for a few years to groove into in this ;-)


February 2, 2019
referencing NTS Sessions, 8xCD + Box, Ltd, WARPCD 364
CDs were covered in cardboard dust from the CD sleeves. It appears the individual CD sleeves were not cut very well either, like they had to do several passes on them.


January 7, 2019
edited 4 months ago
referencing NTS Sessions, 12xLP + Box, Comp, Ltd, WARPLP 364
The vinyl in my boxset have the slightest irregularities easy to correct by pushing on the label to the turntabel. Maybe there are warped copies around but i have my doubts. We all have to accept vinylrecords are not perfect. But again i am sorry to hear if your vinyl has serious warps.


January 6, 2019
edited 4 months ago
referencing NTS Sessions, 12xLP + Box, Comp, Ltd, WARPLP 364
I finally caved and bought this for my birthday. That was the best excuse I had to buy twelve pieces of musical plastic in a box for a hundred and fifty dollars.
But actually, very worth it (for me at least). I've read the reviews, so I was going into it knowing they'd probably be warped, and they are, but it doesn't effect the playback at all, so I don't know why everyone's so upset about it. The music is fantastic and sounds so lovely on vinyl. This set is a great thing.

Update: I'm really upset about the transitions in NTS 4. The transitions between the tracks are essential and they ruined it. I completely understand that vinyl is a hard format to work with, but that's not really a valid excuse here, because they could've easily kept the transitions and had a little bit of the last track carry to the next side or something. The ones I'm most upset about is mirrage to column thirteen and shimripl casual to all end. It could've easily be fixed! arg. But that might be just me.


January 3, 2019
referencing NTS Sessions, 12xLP + Box, Comp, Ltd, WARPLP 364

Regarding warping, I'm curious as to how, in people's opinions, warped is 'warped'?

I've just opened and looked through my set and have indeed found bowing and warping, though it seems as though the sleeves have it worse than the records themselves. The sleeves are all bowed like boomerangs, while the records all have rather mild curving in places. I'd estimate a maximum of 3-4mm.

I've seen this in other records before and not given it much thought, especially when they're relatively thin (which is the case here). Does this correspond with other buyers' experiences? Or are there more dramatic examples of warping out there?


November 2, 2018
referencing NTS Sessions, 8xCD + Box, Ltd, WARPCD 364
CD version was definitely the way to go. these sound amazing.


October 17, 2018
referencing NTS Sessions, 12xLP + Box, Comp, Ltd, WARPLP 364
My copy is slightly warped also. I would rather spend more cash up front for the label to not cheap-out on pressings. It's not cheap-out music, so please don't rip off the supporters. If AE were a football team, they would have been winning all their matches since the mid 90's.... except for the one where they lost due to a substitution for Hafler Trio at the start of the match :0

I am not going to review the tracks... just everytime these guys set a higher standard and this time made me rediscover something that just don't want to explain for anyone else.


October 8, 2018
edited 7 months ago
referencing NTS Sessions 1-4, 9xFile, WAV, 24 + 12xFile, WAV, 24 + 10xFile, WA, WARP364

Love Autechre...but most would agree they can *sometimes* keep a track going on for a bit longer than you'd like, it's just something you deal with..So, I decided to go with the digital (.WAV) version on this release. After hearing it played live on NTS I knew it was going to be one of those releases where I'd have to load some of the tracks into Audacity and edit the length of some of the tracks. Some tracks I just deleted, some are just not that good to me and feel like they were more like an idea or a live jam session than anything. I think around 20 tracks made it for the entire NTS release. :p Still, there's enough on these releases for a nice, solid double full-length once the lengths are edited. And if for some reason I want to go back and hear the true/original/unedited version I always keep a copy on a USB stick, no big it Autechre if I shorten the lengths a bit and get rid of tracks I don't care for? Of course!...anyways, the "keeper tracks" for me were...
NTS 1: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8
NTS 2: 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 10
NTS 3: 1, 5, 7, 9, 10
NTS 4: 1, 3, 4
...with Violvoic being my current favorite, all 15 minutes of it...E0 (edited) right behind it. :p

After all that being said... with some edits, this is probably my favorite Autechre release! The amount of cool and interesting sounds they get on here are *next level*. Very few music artists are doing super interesting stuff at the moment without sounding dry and academic or worse, not genuine. But Autechre strikes a balance. Their sound design skills alone make it worth to check out everything they do, especially the last 10 years or so

For me personally, the entire unedited release is way too "jam session" sounding for me to take it all in and my mind tends to wander off and stop listening during too many of the tracks.

But I am glad I stuck it out and found the tracks I enjoy, it's well worth doing it yourself if you find it tough to take it all in.


September 23, 2018
referencing NTS Sessions, 8xCD + Box, Ltd, WARPCD 364
''Includes a 12x12 cm release sticker.'' I bought a sealed copy from an UK based seller. But no sticker inside. Wtf!?