The Avenging Necrowizard Of Hfjkhjfglafirvnbjvwihvwpv ‎– Trve And Kvlt

Recorded Recordings ‎– RR 004
19 × File, FLAC, Mini-Album

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Side A
1 Traversing The Hideous Inverted Mountains Of Hfjdkhlklfjewhyuirhcnweuciofhwhriueyvhagclkw 0:33
2 Interlude 0:02
3 Spell Of Destruction (Burzum Cover) (Aborted)
Written-By – Burzum
4 Across The Long And Winding Fjords Of Uiorhlkjwhclkwyuicgrhjbclwcopgwgclqgfkgvklwyui 0:25
5 On Satan's Dark Sacrificial Altar Where The Breasts Of (CENSORED) And (CENSORED) Are Laid While (CENSORED) And (CENSORED) Are Being Raped By 500 Devils 0:17
6 Standing Outside The 7-11 In The Cold And Dirty Winter Alleys Of Zghjlksgffoiqfgiiifjkqlgflqgfhjguquugqjhkfgkqjwgf 0:43
7 Running Towards Where Satan Has Taken (CENSORED) 0:34
8 Visiting Two Demonic Minstrels And Hearing Them Play Their Demonic Guitars While Snakes Coil Around Their Wrists And They Sing Sad Songs Pining For The Days Of Nazism And Fascism While In The Background Video Plays Of (CENSORED) Rubbing Herself And Reciting "My Life Had Stood A Loaded Gun" By Emily Dickinson Until (CENSORED) Cums All Over Me And All Over Herself 0:43
Side B
9 Masturbating Over (CENSORED)'s 36DD-Cup Plausibles In The Weird Tunnels Of Xhusghlahfvuiadvhaiuprgahbvalkvbkdjf 0:37
10 Interlude II 0:08
11 Crossing The Deathly Crumbling Bridge Of Yuidhgfqgogclqgcqpvglu While Devils Are After You And Thoughts Of (CENSORED) Are In Your Head 0:39
12 Stepping In A Puddle Of Shit Left By The Evil Demon Huiytodejfwggvcuoqgcuopyhpdsgcdshjbvxjkhgoiugq 0:26
13 Discovering The Fate Of The Avenging Necrowizard And Writing A Letter To (CENSORED) 0:51
14 Stargazing While Rubbing (CENSORED)'s Vagina 0:41
15 At The Top Of The Moon, Battling Satan While He Holds (CENSORED) Captive And You Have To Stab Him While A Video Plays Of (CENSORED) Masturbating With A Dildo To Steven Wilson Of Porcupine Tree 0:45
16 Satan Dies, You Rescue (CENSORED) And The Two Of You Go To A Thai Restaurant In Newport 0:14
17 Oh No! Demons Again! They're Sticking Their Massive Demon Penises Up (CENSORED)'s Orifices! 0:45
18 (CENSORED) Goes To A Gay Bar And Stars In A Lesbian Porn Film There 0:14
19 Untitled 1:00

Companies, etc.


  • Backing Vocals, Percussion, Vocals, GuitarFokkerTISM


Track 19 is an album credits track and is not listed on the Bandcamp page. Track 18 is identical, bar-for-bar, to the intro of Pop and the Clingwrap Killers' "My Psychologist Hand-Fed Me Mentos".

Was removed on 24 October 2012 and reuploaded 18 October 2013.

The word "(CENSORED)" represents a black bar on the JPG file with the tracklist.


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February 27, 2014
These tracks no longer exist - I have pulled a Blood Duster and burnt them to CD and scratched the CD to make it unplayable.