Avigail ‎– The Other Side

EevoNext ‎– NEXT06
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Sound tickles the mood. They make you go into it deeper. Into what? Sound generates brain activity. Sound sometimes generates words. Unspoken words, which we translate into feelings. Feelings, that we translate into time, and action, reaction, words and motion. Motion of our hands plucking guitar strings for example, in my case gently touching the keyboard that generates sound. Sound tickles my mood.

I started generating sound a long time ago. Early age suppressed brainwaves found their way through a seventh sea, combining this side and the other. Watching the summer turn into fall, there was a soundtrack beginning to form in the back of my head, as I cycled through the still greenish fields surrounding my home. Unknown territory became familiar, and as I went further, I released soundscapes, released music, for the first time available for other ears to hear.

I wish you a pleasant stay.