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Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
AVCD-17611 Ayumi Hamasaki My Story(CD, Album) Avex Trax AVCD-17611 Japan 2004 Sell This Version
AVJCD-10220C, SCD-802 Ayumi Hamasaki My Story(CD, Album) Avex Trax, China Record Shanghai Corporation (CRSC) AVJCD-10220C, SCD-802 China 2004 Sell This Version
AVCD-17610/B Ayumi Hamasaki My Story(CD, Album + DVD-V) Avex Trax AVCD-17610/B Japan 2004 Sell This Version
AVTCD-95793 Ayumi Hamasaki My Story(CD, Album + DVD-V) Avex Trax AVTCD-95793 Hong Kong 2004 Sell This Version
AV 0850205 Ayumi Hamasaki My Story(Cass, Album) Avex Trax AV 0850205 Indonesia 2004 Sell This Version
AVAD-91300 Ayumi Hamasaki My Story(DVD-V, Album) Avex Trax AVAD-91300 Japan 2005 Sell This Version
AVGD-17676 Ayumi Hamasaki My Story(SACD, Multichannel, Album) Avex Trax AVGD-17676 Japan 2005 Sell This Version
AQZD-50671 Ayumi Hamasaki MY STORY(M/Stick, Album, Ltd, Pla) Avex Trax AQZD-50671 Japan 2012 Sell This Version



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October 25, 2010
referencing My Story, CD, Album, AVCD-17611
This album is generally regarded as being among one of Hamasaki's best studio albums. The whole album does have a Rock-Pop tinge that a few of her albums are known for. I do have to agree with the first statement as there are a good amount of good songs with powerful choruses. It is a bit long for a Pop album and the interludes are nothing to write home about but nevertheless there are still some amazing Pop gems here...

About You-The album really begins after the first interlude ("Catcher In The Light") with this angry almost bitter Rock-Pop number. The guitars are pretty heavy in this song and Ayu's voice goes to deep levels. The chorus is definitely infectious with it's questions about the key to one's heart. Without a doubt my favorite song off the album. ("Hageshii oto tatete tozashita kokoro no tobira, hiraku kagi nante mou zutto tooi hi ni, miushinatta no nara, arikitari na kotoba toka, arifureta hyougen de ii, nan ni mo tsutsumarete inai sono mama wo, anata kara kikasete, watashi e hibikasete...")

GAME-Another stand out track is this song. More guitars and good Ayumi Hamasaki self written lyrics. ("Ashita no imagoro niwa umaku waraeru, sou maru de nanigoto mo nakatta ka no you ni, itsu datte sou yatte aruite kita no ni, kono GEEMU omou you ni sousa dekinai...")

my name's WOMEN-I like this one mainly for it's powerful lyrics about how girls and women are not toys and are not easy to take over. Well sung vocals in this song as well. ("Kantan ni wa nakanai shi, amaete bakari demo nai, watashitachi kikazatta dake no, ningyo nanka ja nai kara...")

CAROLS-I've always felt that this song is just some classic Japanese Pop. It's well produced, well sung, well written, and it is by a J-Pop queen! ("Shiroi yuki ga machi wo someru goro ni mo, kimi no soba ni isasete, watashi korekara mo, komarasete bakari ka mo shirenai kedo...")

INSPIRE-This one has a great introduction that starts off real mellow with a drum in the background then it explodes into the guitars and Hamasaki's fierce voice. Great lyrics here as well and as usual it has a infectious chorus line. ("Sou hito wa hitori ja ikirenai, sonna atari mae no koto to ka, sou ai datte na kya ikirenai, imasara mi ni shimiteru...")

HONEY-This song is just so sweet I could melt. It opens up with a funky electronic sound then goes right into the song from there. It is the perfect song for any pair of lovers, especially ones that are quite affectionate. ("(my HONEY) itsu datte soba ni ite, akireru kurai ni maemuki ni, watashi no te wo hiite aruite yuku, (my HONEY) itsu datte soba ni ite, sou dare yori mo soba ni ite, watashi yori mo zutto watashi no koto shitteru...")

Humming 7/4-With the way this one starts off you think it's going to have a darker sound like "About You", "INSPIRE", and "GAME"... but once it hits the chorus it's cheery all around with it's massive group of people singing behind Ayumi, all going "Everybody GO! Everybody JUMP!". A great closing song I think. ("everybody GO! everybody JUMP! boku wa hanauta demo! everybody GO! everybody JUMP! utainagara iku sa! everybody GO! everybody JUMP! naitemo warattemo! everybody GO! everybody JUMP! onaji nara warattokou!")

In conclusion, a must have album for any Japanese Pop and any Ayumi Hamasaki fan!