B.O.G. (2), Gruuthaagy, Leech Eater, Motherpig ‎– Four Horsemen Of Noise

NH.D.I.Y.ST ‎– none


01 B.O.G. (2) Intro
02 B.O.G. (2) Nikad
03 B.O.G. (2) Crvena Zora
04 B.O.G. (2) Fasisticka Govna
05 B.O.G. (2) I Pravda Za Sve
06 B.O.G. (2) Multinacionalne Kompanije
07 Gruuthaagy Of Death And Discord
08 Gruuthaagy One Planet, One Hate
09 Gruuthaagy Angel Lust
10 Gruuthaagy Cosmic Inbalance
11 Gruuthaagy Pandestroyer
12 Leech Eater An Inability To Clot
13 Leech Eater Breaking Rod Stewart's Noise
14 Leech Eater Children Of The Porn
15 Leech Eater Children Throw Stones At Her
16 Leech Eater Emmanuel Lewis With A Light Sabre
17 Leech Eater Harlem Hangover
18 Leech Eater Hollowpoint For The Snitches
19 Leech Eater Limbs Without Bodies
20 Leech Eater Mailing Him A Piece Of His Wife Everyday For A Year
21 Leech Eater Mad Order Math Lab
22 Leech Eater Pleading To A Leser Offence
23 Leech Eater Their Little Hands Were Everywhere
24 Leech Eater Thirty Ton Angel
25 Motherpig Bite It You Scum (GG Allin)
26 Motherpig Fuck The USA (The Exploited)
27 Motherpig Too Old Too Cold (Darkthrone)