Babes In Toyland And Kat Bjelland ‎– The Best Of Babes In Toyland And Kat Bjelland



CD Part One
Dr. Timothy Leary Introduction 0:27
Babes In Toyland Dust Cake Boy 3:29
Babes In Toyland Vomit Heart 2:48
Babes In Toyland Spit To See The Shine 2:42
Babes In Toyland Right Now 2:19
Babes In Toyland Handsome & Gretel 1:50
Babes In Toyland Bruise Violet 2:53
Babes In Toyland He's My Thing 2:52
Babes In Toyland Istigkeit 4:22
Babes In Toyland Sweet '69 4:03
Babes In Toyland Ariel 4:23
Babes In Toyland Oh Yeah! 2:43
Babes In Toyland S. F. W. 3:58
Babes In Toyland Mater Dolorosa 3:59
CD Part Two
Kat* And Joan Jett Introduction 0:32
Sugar Babylon Quiet Room 1:55
The Italian Whorenuns Icecream & Cigarettes 2:18
Crunt Unglued 3:37
Katastrophy Wife Git Go 3:03
Katastrophy Wife Rosacea 5:26
Katastrophy Wife Gone Away 3:57
Katastrophy Wife Busiest Shopping Day Of The Year 3:42
Katastrophy Wife Money Shot 2:59
Katastrophy Wife Sweetheart 2:40
Katastrophy Wife Liberty Bell 2:43
Katastrophy Wife With Carina Round Blue Valient 3:58
Short Films
Spanking Machine 4:40
Painkillers 10:33
Nemesisters 7:39
He's My Thing 2:54
Ripe 3:36
Bruise Violet 3:03
Won't Tell 2:27
Sweet '69 3:31
Liberty Bell 2:50
Bonus Footage
The Venarays (Footage) 23:38
Live In Utrecht 22:15
Live In Hamburg 19:06
Handsome & Gretel (Live) 2:08
Roskilde Festival (Live) 7:14
He's My Thing (Version 2) 2:55
Swine (Video) 3:57
Photo Gallery
Babes In Toyland & Kat Bjelland 4:30
Katastrophy Wife Live 4:30
Credits 3:58



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May 16, 2015
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Hi there, can anybody comment on the sound quality of this release? Thanks :)