Baboon Torture Division ‎– Extreme Baboon Cyber Torture 2000

Crunch Pod ‎– Crunch24
CDr, Album, Limited Edition


1 Manatee Love Song Part 1
2 Pizza, Salad, Subs, And Crazy Bread
3 Lunchtime Again
4 God Took My Foreskin
5 You And Mary Fucked A Midget
6 Ed Meat Fountain
7 I Smell Tony Danza
8 The Dance Of The Lobster
9 Manatee Love Song Part 2
10 I Brought The Donkey
11 The Second To Last Thing You'd Want To Hear If You Were Beating Off Your Father While He Watched The Sylvester Stallone Wrist Wrestling Movie
12 Say Poop
13 Reegis Philbin
14 Breast Feeding: The Musical
15 Satan Santa
16 K.R.A.F.T.
17 They Made Me Do This (Kittens)
18 Missed The Bowl
19 Raw File Format For "The Groove Thing" Demo
20 Le Canard
21 Kill Them All (Brainbombs)
22 Die You Fuck (Brainbombs)
23 Anal Desire (Brainbombs)
24 Lipstick On My Dick (Brainbombs)
25 For Fifty Bucks Your Ass Is Mine (Brainbombs)
26 I Want To Hurt (Brainbombs)
27 Obey (Brainbombs)
28 Fuckmeat (Brainbombs)
29 BTD R-A-P (Originally Untitled)
30 Show Me Them Boobs (Originally Untitled)
31 Pizza Hut Corporate Anthem (Originally Untitled)
32 Fuck, Fuck, Fuck Pizza Hut (Originally Untitled)


Limited to 25 copies.