Babyshambles ‎– What Katie Did

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Flexi-disc, 7", Single Sided, Limited Edition, 45 RPM




Limited to 1000 copies on clear flexi-disc vinyl.

Flexi-disc has individually hand numbered sticker, inside clear sleeve, attached to cover of magazine and both sealed within poly-bag.

The exclusive demo came free with Amelia's Magazine (01 S/S 2004) - contained Peter Doherty's prison diaries.



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April 28, 2011

Amelia Gregory:

I first thought of producing my own magazine about five years ago – I talked about it with my friend who was also a fashion stylist at the time, and we used to laugh about how we could do so much better than what was out there already. In the end my friend jumped ship (saying it would be too much work… oh how right she was!) and I decided to just get on with it on my own, because I had told so many people that I was going to do it that it was really a case of now or never.

The first issue of Amelia’s Magazine came out in May of 2004, featuring a pre-Babyshambles tabloid-fodder Kate Moss-gate Pete Doherty interview, and an exclusive flexidisc track that he recorded for me and I paid to have mastered. I decided to name the magazine after me, as I was literally doing everything on my own, and I wanted the magazine to reflect that very personal touch.

In order to get the first issue out I persuaded a really good designer to do a pdf mock-up of a sample magazine, and with this I went to see loads of printers and a paper companies to try and persuade them to sponsor me. Luckily I managed to get sponsorship, so that I only needed to borrow a few grand to get the magazine into the shops. Then I had to get some great contributors on board – luckily my many years spent struggling away on the fringes of the fashion world had given me some great contacts who trusted me to produce something cool.

During all this time I didn’t earn very much, but I did meet lots of really great people, who were the ones that I managed to persuade to contribute to that first issue of Amelia’s Magazine. I find inspiration everywhere – I love going around charity shops and discovering wonderful old books, and I am confident enough in my creative tastes to think that others, including those initial contributors, would believe in me, and I hoped that I would find a readership who also felt the same.

I printed 1000 copies of issue 01, and they sold really well thanks to Pete Doherty’s rising fame. Since then I have increased my print run by 1000 every time I have put an issue out, and have expanded abroad to sell across the USA, Canada, Australia, the Far East and Europe. I specialize in producing beautiful tactile and collectible magazines, with unique covers and giveaways by artists. I have done a laser cut cover and an exclusive necklace with Tatty Devine (issue 02), a furry cover and a set of stickers (issue 03), a scratch ‘n’ sniff cover with smelly pens for colouring in illustrations (issue 04), a Swarovski diamante encrusted cover with a cut out cardboard carousel (issue 05), a glow in the dark cover with a poster of Amazing Trees of the World (issue 06) and a metallic mirriboard cover with a set of cocktail cards and a free album download for issue 07.