Badawi ‎– Soldier Of Midian



Introduction 1:06
Evocation 4:16
Voices From The Sky 5:28
Dance Of The Centipedes 3:09
The Scorpion And The Serpent (Prepare For Battle) 2:05
Moving Still 4:06
After A Path Has Been Paved 0:47
I Will Follow The Storm 2:59
Stampede 3:28
Dehydration 3:55
Dance Of The Dajz Mara (At The Festival Of Kulong) 3:13
Final Warning 4:39
Horse Dance 3:27
The Storm 3:55



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October 6, 2010
referencing Soldier Of Midian, CD, Album, RUSCD 8274
This album has received the 'Honorary Mention' at the ARS Electronica Festival in 2002 in the category 'Digital Musics & Sound Art'.

The source material for Raz Mesinai s „Soldier Of Midian“ consists of recordings of Mesinai playing traditional Middle Eastern instruments such as darabuka, bendir and zarb, which he then processes into fierce, perpetual pieces which bring to mind the rhythmic frenzies of whirling dervishes. Compared to so many digitally mediated ethno-exotic fusions, Mesinai’s Middle Eastern chamber dub cum Mizrahi bus station pop sounds raw and bloody rather than overcooked in the oven of a culturally imperialist hard drive.

In the current political climate, this Israeli-American musician s violent and compulsive admix of sound sources from across the Middle East bespeaks a remarkably utopian metaphor, because of how its classically Occidental cultural fusion suggests a future where, Jewish and Muslim cultures exist in literal harmony with one another. Mesinai s pseudonym Badawi , Arabic for Bedouin, already recommends as much.

Completed late August of 2001 as the fourth Badawi album, „Soldier of Midian“ was titled after a sacred warrior who could never be owned by man. The majority of the record was inspired by the following excerpt:
... And they said to him, come join us and fight for our God. I cannot, he replied, for it is you who wants me to fight, not our God. He lowered his sword and they raised theirs. If not for your God then for your people. How can I? He replied, for they have not told me to fight, only you have. They became angry but did not strike. If you do not join us then you will join the fate of our enemies. The winds grew stronger and he replied, How can I join your army when all I have is your word? I cannot worship the man, only the life of the man, If there is to be war let the horses decide who will be victorious. And even after a path has been paved, even then ...I will only follow the storm.
The recording is composed mostly in 3/4 and consists mainly of percussion and flute which are played by Raz as well as bass played by Shahzad Ismaily, and a dulcimer played by Carolyn HoneyChild Coleman. The instruments were then sampled, reconstructed, and remixed electronically.