Barf Symphony / Curd / Exclamation Point / GDMHZ80YRZO / Masterfully Racy / Porraloka / Tacomaniacx ‎– Sensuous Music For Those Special Moments

Tacocalypse Records ‎– TACO 3
CDr, Album, Limited Edition

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1 Barf Symphony Ball-Sucking Bullshit Barf Symphony
2 Barf Symphony Bumming A Smoke Off A Priest
3 Barf Symphony Choking On Beer
4 Barf Symphony Barfing At The Speed Of Blast Beats
5 Curd 311 Should Stop Being A Band If They Haven't Yet
6 Curd Robert Has A Robot Arm
7 Curd They Do Have Souls (In Their Shoes)
8 Curd Eye Balls Dissolved
9 Curd Bone Bat
10 Curd Clint Got Clobbered
11 Curd Beartraps In The Sands (2)
12 Curd Every Minute
13 Curd Toni Thought She Was Telekenetic
14 Curd Andy's Ankle Bracelet Broke
15 Curd Cast Iron Baseball Cap
16 Curd Gary Glared
17 Curd Human Streak (2)
18 Curd Damp Cold Room
19 Curd She's A Blood Sucker
20 Curd Chuck Got Struck
21 Curd Mandy's Mandolin Slicer
22 Curd Pill Popping Pauly
23 Curd Larry Lost His Luck
24 Exclamation Point !DadaNoise!
25 Gdmhz80yrzo No Elektricity... Experimental (Live At Trout Brook Drive 625 Am)
26 Masterfully Racy Bologna Sandwiches
27 Porraloka Vírus Zt (Uma Pocaria De Um Bordão Repetido À Exaustão)
28 Porraloka A Perfeita Junção Do Nada Com Coisa Nenhuma
29 Porraloka Cyber Porn Gore (Idiotice Sem Limites)
30 Porraloka Ruido Consciente
31 Porraloka Kkk (Isto Não É Uma Gargalhada, Racismo Não É Piada, A Ku Klux Klan Ainda Queimam Cruzes Por Aí...)
32 Porraloka There's No Need No Vote Nf When There Are Twelve Tory Fascists In The Cabinet
Written By – Antidote (11)
33 Tacomaniacx The Chupabrewski Is Here!
34 Tacomaniacx There's No Tacos Left


Limited to 24 handnumbered copies