Barry Louis Polisar ‎– Songs For Well Behaved Children

Vinyl, LP


A1 It's My Mother And My Father And My Sister And The Dog And My Two Little Brothers And Me
A2 I Am Very Sad To Say That Cindy Won't Be Out To Play
A3 I Wanna Be A Dog
A4 The Craster
A5 The Bumblebee Song
A6 The Warning
A7 Don't Leave Me In The House Alone
A8 A Clock Without A "C"
A9 Ellen Grew A Beard
A10 Mommy, Mommy, I Gotta Get A Record
A11 We Don't Have To Share
A12 I'm Bored
B1 I Didn't Mean To
B2 The Accident
B3 I Don't Wanna Go To School
B4 Aunt Anna Came To Our House
B5 The Alfabet Song (A Is For Armpit)
B6 Siamese Twins (For Sheldon)
B7 I Can't Tie My Shoe
B8 Poor Orville Thlapp
B9 If You've Got A Kid Who Complains All The Time
B10 I Miss Grandma
B11 First It Bit My Behind
B12 I Love Your Eyes
B13 There's No Subsitute For A Cat



This version: Cover has an all image background unlike other version with an all black background

All Songs Ⓒ&Ⓟ 1979 by Barry Louis Polisar.

Includes inner lyric card.