Bas Mooy ‎– Schaakmat E.P.

Fine Audio Recordings ‎– audio 54
Vinyl, 12", EP





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January 26, 2009

Awesome release, packed with relentless music, undeniable groove and a very hard and sisnister edge. The first track, is a minimal (not style wise though) thumper that just pounds on for five minutes with a throbbing bass line. Simple, yet easy to get mesmerized to, and most importantly, goes with anything similar.
Centerfold is the real gem here, for sure. As hard as anything you've heard during the last decade, it slowly builds and only after the 02:50 mark does it release an eerie hook with a stabbing background synth. Very heavy on the percussion, with heavy and menacing drum rolls. Vegavuur is more of a typical loopy techno track, but done in a good way. The same loop is used over and over throughout the track, however plenty breaks and little changes are applied to keep things more interesting. Nothing you haven't heard before, but it's fairly entertaining.
The 12" closes with Charlatan, the most laid back track of the four, that is, if anything presented here can come across as laid back. Structure wise similar to the opener, it's just so overwhelming with its fat bass line and enormous groove, that there will be an irresistible urge to dance every time it drops. It really could function well with some recent work by The Advent on Kombination Research or some tracks off the Sandwell District imprint. Overall, a great release for DJs to own, the first two tracks are the ones to keep an eye on.