Bashin ‎– Four Noble Truths

Athanor ‎– ATNR 039
CD, Album, Limited Edition


1 Dukkha 16:30
2 Samudaya 16:11
3 Nirodha 11:57
4 Magga 11:28



Composed and recorded in Russia and Japan.

Packaged with 5 artwork cards (four alternate front covers & one back cover).
Edition of 333 copies.


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June 27, 2015

From "Santa Sangre" review by stark

French samples on the opening track, “Dukkha”, could remind a bit about Les Joyaux De La Princesse, but this is not the very best clue. Although there are some similarities – beside these mentioned voices, also the snippets of old songs and kind of “fin de siecle”- decadent atmosphere make that the musical vibrations emited by Eric Konofal and these made by Russian-Japanese duo, rarely, but from time to time intermingle with each other. Later though things on “Four Noble Truths” go in different direction – only memory remains of these mournful, elegiac moods, and we are left with darkness and horror.

Still, I wouldn’t expect such sounds of SHINKIRO. Oriental character of this project sometimes more intense, sometimes less, but always was present in its music. And it doesn’t matter whether it was Manabu’s solo work or collaboration with Empusae or Contagious Orgasm (Kotodama). Yet “Four Noble Truths” is very “European” record. I have to admit that I can’t really describe it with words, I can feel it on rather subconscious level. Perhaps this time Igor of BARDOSENETICCUBE was kind of “leading figure” during the process of making “Four Noble Truths”? Only in third track called “Nirodhha” the orient origin of one of the collaborants can be noticeable somewhere in the background. But this is not so important. The most important thing is that both gentelmen created almost model example of dark ambient (with the emphasis on the first element of this name). Lot of interesting things happen there, sometimes I have an impression that both guys just recorded their tracks separately and later overlapped one on the other, because a multitude of musical themes used in the tracks, tiny sound jewels hidden inside of them is simply impressive. Metallic clatters, creeping darkness, organic soundscapes, abundance of samples, here the piece of Lustmord, there a little of Nordvargr or Raison d’Etre, Sephiroth or even Terra Sancta and the musical motives characteristic for main projects of Manabu and Igor. And each element smoothly interwines with the others, pass one through another creating an intricate design like a spider’s web woven by an extremely patient spider. Just listen how wonderfully “Samudaya” is evolving – from slightly industrialized ambient to deep astonishing atmospheres which are like a cold, moist wind which lashes my face. The whole thing is definitely dark and damp, without any clear melodies (though there are melodies, but they’re subtly interwoven between all the other elements in this musical puzzle), but at the same time it’s full of space and all in all extremely monumental. It’s not one of those ambient albums which you can listen at a low volume, as musical wallpaper. To extract the essence of the “Four Noble Truths” you have to devote all your attention to it. But BASHIN will pay you back with interest.

I really like this album. I’m glad that Igor and Manabu already forgot about Manchuria and would share Kuril Islands fifty-fifty. I also hope that they will work together again in the future, but until then I’ll just enjoy “Four Noble Truths”


November 21, 2011
Four Noble Truths contains slowly evolving drone atmospherics in an ever churning weave of dark bliss. Complete with metal scrapings and various acoustic phenomena, the mind revels at imagining the type of environment that would host such sounds.