Be Not Idle In Preparation Of Thy Doom ‎– Slow Acting Poison

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Slow Acting Poison was recorded during the doomed months of April-September 2008, completed shortly before the ignorant masses of the world suddenly came to realise that you can't keep spending what you don't fucking have.
In a world where people can get rich by spreading lies and betting on the consequences, your stupidity is the seed. Fertilised by the same shit you fail to recognise as your own.
Reaping this financial mess, this fruit of the gloom becomes a reminder of what you have sown.
Happy now?
THANKS: Robert and Melissa Monson, Jenny (my inflatable darling, who kindly agreed to be tortured by a mic and stand on track 4), Eon (killing me more with grenades than the Chimaira ever could with their advanced weaponry), The Black Muse Element, Atomic Armadillo, Anyone who bought/reviewed/distributed my last cd and liked it. Kirsty and Chris, for continuing to provide a glimmer of sanity on the surface of my sea of chaos. Mooonchilde, Wolf, Inquisitor Sern who serve as the unwitting guinea pigs every time I record anything.

APOLOGY: Graeme - The Fudgeman - McLeod, who is hereby exonerated from blame for the last album (it wasn't his fault, he was only being polite)BLAME: The people of Paisley, who whether on purpose or by accident, contribute to making the town such a miserable place to live, and somewhere to generally avoid after dark. Without you, our town centre would be as a cadaver without maggots to highlight the decay. Love and Kisses to you all.