Beastqueef ‎– Products Of A Long And Fruitless Alliance

Leather Snake Records ‎– 100001
2 × CD


1 Hulking Negress 2:51
2 Special Guest At The Pep Assembly 3:17
3 Crusin' With Lyle 5:16
4 The Thing That Should Not Pee 5:27
5 The Last Post I Ever Make 2:19
6 If That's How You Wanna Play It (Live) 2:49
7 Trust Me, You Never Wanna Sit Down Next To A Clown In A Bar (Part II) 5:08
8 This Is The Work Of Saboteurs! 6:55
9 Inhalant Abuse (Begin By Gathering Supplies Cover) 11:12
10 Theme From The Short Lived Television Program 'Babes' 2:57
11 Tiger In The Ball Pit 4:48
12 Show Your Dyatlov Pass To The Retarded Fella At The Door, If He Questions Or Gives You Any Shit At All, Slap Him, Hard, And Scream 'You Belong In A Trash Pile, Mongoloid!' 5:06
13 I Don't Know Much About Pandas, But I Do Know That Panda Is Way Too Fucking fat To Even Be Thinking About Finding A Mate 2:10
14 Blowing Pudding Through An Expensive Harmonica Because I'm Drunk 3:26
15 A Band Called Monkee Crumblez Will Be Performing In My Head Later This Evening 2:18
16 The Mystery Of The Incorrectly Sized Gassing Mask! (From The Desk Of The Phantom Dong #1) 2:47
17 Everyone Hates The Bearded Young Enthusiast 4:39
18 Everything's Better Now That The Horrible Woman With The Beautiful Tits Is Gone Out Of My Life Forever, Except Facebook 2:13
19 His Culverized O-Ring Drags Behind, Leaving An Easily Followed Trail Of Slime 5:01
20 Suddenly Feeling Squeamish? (From The Desk Of The Phantom Dong #2) 3:59
21 Song I Don't Remember Making, But I Must Have Because It's Right Here 2:11
22 I’m Totally Enraptured With Your Vegetarian Bullshit 3:37
23 Special Relations Episode (At This Stage In My Life, Fucking A Chick With A Confederate Flag Themed Eye-patch Would Be No Big Deal) 5:28
24 The Dumbest Chick I've Ever Known 2:48
25 Mask Backwards 1:07
26 Shivering Quim (Only Mammals Give Milk That Way) Or 'If Kraftwerk Were Retarded' 3:24
27 The Best Pizza In Chicago Is Not Even Pizza, You Dumb Son Of A Bitch! 6:22
28 There's Bees In Your Digestive Tract, Which Is Not All That Uncommon For Someone Who Works With Bees. The Strange Thing Is That They Are So Well Preserved! 4:25
29 Shit My Son, Shit Forever 1:36
30 I've Elected Not To Challenge Your Assumptions About Me, Girl 4:31
31 Sweet Honey In The Peehole 8:53
32 It Was Ok, Then Some Asshole Started Rapping 2:19
33 Outwahili (live W/ Mr. JB3K) 4:22
34 Typical Filmworks #2 2:03
35 Nutsack Full Of Tiny, Barking Dogs (​.​.​.​Of The Highest Rank Of Complexity) 5:04
36 Let The Man With The Dangling, Bloody Eyeball Speak, It's A Pretty Safe Bet He Has At Least One Good Story 1:03
37 Dude, Happy Women Menstruate As Well 5:20
38 Hey, You Should Leave Maybe 1:07
39 Luckily, The Jazz Musician Has Fallen Asleep From A Drugs And Pussy Overdose 1:42
40 I Am Looking For A Slur Or Insulting Term Specifically Used Toward Polish Dwarves, To Make Them Feel Inadequate 9:58
41 The NES Game Where You Eat McDonald's 1:54
42 Twice A Minute For The Rest Of Your Life 5:35
43 Assemble For Words For Glory Of Brave Feline Cosmonaut 9:53


Fixed Track listing