Beastqueef ‎– The Fat People Who Live Upstairs From Us Sure Like To Fuck...

Leather Snake Records ‎– LSR031


1 Finger Me Slow Or Don't Finger Me At All 2:55
2 T F P W L U F U S L T F 3:16
3 Trot For Dollar 1:00
4 I'll Be In The Ranarium, Attempting To Work. If You Could Continually Disturb Me, That Would Be Great 2:00
5 It's Human Sawdust While Eats 2:33
6 Number 2 In The Ocean 2:37
7 Break-Strum Going To Die 1:46
8 The Captain Of Chicago Is Springfield, Duh 5:20
9 You Can Tell He's An Asshole By The Way He's In A Wheelchair 0:42
10 You Cannot Deny That I Love Trees Enough To Live In Them. Can You Mr. Melton? 2:09
11 The Who Present Oligophrenia 2:31
12 Tonic Water Up The Wazoo, Literally 0:30
13 This Is The Palilalia, It Fills With Blood And That's How The Man Knows It's Time To Die 6:52
14 Making A Pillowfight Look Good Part 1 2:22
15 Y'all Up In My Nazzard For The Very Last Time 2:40


Originally recorded June 1999 and released on cassette in an edition of 25. All songs recorded live to 4 track.