Beautiful Friend ‎– Hello Rainbow Geeks

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Beautiful Friend are Robert Horton and Les Shimmin. Recordings from 1996-2005 produced and constructed by Horton. Les Shimmin: Lyrics, Vocals, Voice, Guitar, Keyboards, Beats, Sampler, Bass, 4-Track. Robert Arthur Horton: Computer, Boot, Wah Wah, Trumpet, Beats, Khaen, Toy Music Box, Guitar, Casio
fz-1 Sampler, Vcr's, 4-Track, Cd's, Turntable, Lyrics (Edits and Snippets), Vocals, Voice, Japharp, Casio mt-68, Bowed Dulcimer, Bass, M-Bass, Cassettes, Synth Guitar. Thanks to Grandfather Tree, Grandpa Bumble, Janet Carter, Rita Shimmin, Invisible Bees and insect friends everywhere.
Art Edition only 50 copies.


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July 16, 2011
For those who've enjoyed Robert Horton's adventures in abstract sound, this release may come as a surprise: it did to me! The 20 tracks compiled here date from 1996-2005 and find Horton collaborating on mainly song-based material with Les Shimmin. What's really endearing about this is a spirit of adventure - the feeling of people making songs who haven't bothered with some rule book telling them how they should do it. Aside from a drum machine here and there, the tracks are based on layered textures, loops and collages of voices with some field recordings. Daniel Plonsey turns up with treated clarinet and sax on a few tracks, as does Horton's partner Janet Carter, whose voice appears on one song. The sound is very clearly ye olde 4 track portastudio, which has a certain glow to it as well.
(5/5 review by glowing portastudio)