Beira ‎– Tanz Padaniske, Tanz

Effluvia Recordings ‎– ER089
9 × File, Album, MP3, 192 Kbps


1 La Gente Ummmile 6:25
2 Hilllllyt 3:35
3 Wurzb u u u u u rg 3:43
4 Mong-ò 2:15
5 Square Wave NOiSE 4:47
6 Damanhur Submarine Termoelectrik DeathSSquad 2:13
7 Requiem For Some Ants 1:09
8 L' Esclusiva Possessione 1:23
9 Holocaust-Mechanische 2:16


Tanz Padaniske, Tanz!! Oh Beira, whoever you may be. I know this much, your name is Giovanni Nembrini, but I was too anxious to release this to get to know you further first. We should talk! Anyway, i’ll do the talking first, for all the good little boys and girls to hear, this album is a boatload of flawless glitchbeat noise garbage disposal from hell speed laced gumball machine gone wrong work of pure museum-grade art for lo-fi heaven! In good humor, and also in a wonderfully endless pool of acidic pulp (lysergic style), these tracks soar like incendiary birds over among one another. Play it on shuffle! Or in one sitting in the designated order! I don’t care, just so long as all who dare enter here enjoy every last piece of this labrynth of fever dream boogey! The noise! The beats! their mingling coitus getting all sorts of wonderful love stains all over your head! you’ll dance to these, but you’ll be unsure quite which dance move would be most fitting in this wonderfully chaotic atmosphere. It’s some fun lo-bit splendor! Listen!