Berliner Theorie ‎– Sam Auinger & Rupert Huber At The DAAD In Berlin, 1997

Fa.Huber Music ‎– 654321987
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Disc 1 – BT AudioCD
1 Zula 13:47
2 BT11 File 1:38
3 Market 5:01
4 BT02 File 3:16
5 Inc2 4:41
6 Algebraglöckel 11:52
7 BT01 Dubfile 1:15
8 Film 5:38
9 BT10 File 1:01
10 Kassel 1:37
11 Kollision Im Weltraum 17:09
Disc 2 - BT CDRom

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Produced by Berliner Theorie
Published by Fa. Huber Musik / Sam Auinger

Recorded live at Berliner Theorie Studios, Berlin 1997
Mastered at Berliner Theorie Studios, Berlin 1998

The Berliner Theorie Hauskonzerte (house concerts)

The Hauskonzerte were a series of 12 compositions performed live for "real" and "electronic" space.
The Hauskonzerte took place in the BT studio in Berlin and were webcasts live on the internet.
The realaudio "stream" remained on teh server until the next Hauskonzert.
The next Hauskonzert realaudio stream replaced the previous stream on the server.
A short (3–5 min.) sample (extract) was saved from each stream before it was erased and identified with a number or a symbol.
The symbol, linked to the corresponding sound file (formated as wav, aiff, realaudio, etc.) is accesible on the internet.
During the series of 12 Hauskonzerte a "symbol-space", similar to an alphabet, emerged ("loop galerie").