Big Business ‎– Solid Gold Metal 2004-2009

Joyful Noise Recordings ‎– JNR240
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Gold & Cyan
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Gold & Oxblood
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Gold & Olive
Vinyl, 12", Compilation, Picture Disc, Reissue
Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered


Head For The Shallow
A1 O.G.
A2 Focus Pocus
A3 White Piz-azz
A4 Stareadactyl
B1 Easter Romantic
B2 Technically Electrified
B3 Eis Hexe
B4 Off Off Broadway
Here Come The Waterworks
C1 Just As The Day Was Dawning
C2 Hands Up
C3 Shields
C4 Grounds For Divorce
C5 Another Fourth Of July... Ruined
D1 Start Your Digging
D2 I'll Give You Something To Cry About
D3 Another Beautiful Day In The Pacific Northwest
Mind The Drift
E1 Found Art
E2 Gold And Final
E3 Cats, Mice.
E4 I Got It Online
F1 The Drift
F2 Ayes Have It
F3 Cold Lunch
F4 Theme From Big Business II
Tour EPs 1-3 (2004-2008)
G1 O.G.
G2 Eis Hexe
G3 Evil Medievil
G4 Off Off Broadway
H1 Just As The Day Was Dawning
H2 Hands Up
H3 Start Your Digging
H4 Be Stiff
H5 Cold Lunch
H6 The Drift
H7 Send Me A Postcard


Solid Gold Metal: 2004-2009 features the first three out-of-print Big Business albums and early Tour EPs housed in a limited edition box set.

Case-wrapped two-piece box, matte-laminated with gold foil art. Numbered with foil-stamp (out of 500). Includes zine, hand-made by the band.