Big Que ‎– Big Que Promo Demo

Ender Line Records ‎– BQPA4714
CD, CD-ROM, Compilation, Promo, Stereo


Big Que [Promo Album] also known as Promo Album is the first mixtape by Irish/UK Based Rapper Big Que. The mixtape was released as a Promotional Demo CD for Que to promote his talent and skills as a rap artist while he tried to work out the direction upon he’d like to take in the industry. The mixtape/demo was on July 4th, 2014. The Mixtape had 2000 copies printed on Compact Disc which was sold at gigs and through music store Rise and can’t be brought as digital download on his Bandcamp. It has guest appearances by The Demon SIKK, Karkuz & InVoke.

Adrian “Big Que” Williams complied this Demo CD/Mixtape of 12 track recorded from 2009-2013 as a means of promotion and something to give people at gigs he performs at while he’s in the mids of creating his first album with producer “Dark Flower”. All tracks on the album were recorded between 2009 - 2013. Towards the end of 2010 and the start of 2011 Que was also recording a 10 track EP called The Room.

During the period of the recording of this Demo, Que was working low paid jobs. In 2010 Que was working at a factory in Droitwich called Chess Plastics. Que was living in Droitwich in a flat with his girlfriend until they had split up, which resulted Que moving back to his father house and then later left for a few weeks to stay else where. Que then returned back to his fathers and then met the girl who would later give birth to their son Cameron. Their son is mentioned a few times on this demo including Crazy Man, Hell On Earth & Assassinate Me. He then went to work at McDonalds from 2013-2014 and then a Restaurant called Bills.

The Demo features vocals from fellow rappers The Demon SIKK from Chicago, the late Karkuz from Ohio and his friend InVoke also featured on the song My Music Box.

A few of the tracks were recorded in Chicago at The Demon SIKK’s apartment in 2012. A number of the tracks weren’t recorded until 2013. Including Crazy Man, Hell On Earth, Assassinate Me.

The album cover is Big Que’s face with a bald head. The picture is meant to reflect the emotions of lost, confused, angry and intimidating all in one. But you could also captivate the picture as empty/emotionless. It’s all down to how you perceive the cover. It has אדריאן written which says Adrian in Hebrew. The first 100 copies printed had a misprinted of this and it was spelt left to right, instead of the Hebrew way as right to left. The photos were shot at Worcester Studio Hire by Mark Adkins.