Big Swifty ‎– Akroasis

Cherry Smash Records ‎– CS - 38
CD, Album


1 Nada Brahma 13:20 Composed in summer 1996 to two tracks expanded to 16 early fall and remixed and removed from in spring 1997 2 Presbyterian Surgery Dervishes 5:00 pipe organ courtesy of the 1st presb of gainsville with disappearo Sturgeon on bass, We were listening to a lot of Riley 3 Transglobal Electronicus 6:53 aether voices supplied by Govoni, meryl malter played to shakti and durga-we think 4 Kind Of Koto (music for two synthesizers) 1:21 A large number of our extended improvisations begin as just a focus of interval, this is an immediate recording of an ongoing idea 5 Kalpa 18:37 we get down to the muss; harmonic tweakings by M.Rotolante 6 Temptation Dogs The Sinner 8:46 NO message too many messages fretless just tuned guitar and bible quotes from yours truly 7 Violin Contraption #2 13:28 (from a match set of three) this was the standard warmup for the ensemble at the beginning 8 The Hat Tips To Tony 7:30 our first attempt at microtonality