Bill Nelson ‎– Das Kabinet (The Cabinet Of Dr.Caligari) & La Belle Et La Bete (Beauty And The Beast)

Cocteau Records ‎– TC-JC 4
Cassette, Compilation


"Das Kabinett" (The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari)
A1 The Asylum
A2 Waltz
A3 The Fairground
A4 Doctor Caligari
A5 Cesare The Sonambulist
A6 Murder
A7 The Funeral
A8 The Sonambulist And The Children
A9 Caligari Disciplines Cesare
A10 Caligari Feeds Cesare
A11 Caligari Opens The Cabinet
A12 Jane Discovers Cesare
A13 The Attempted Murder Of Jane
A14 The Dream Dance Of Jane And The Sonambulist
A15 Escape Over The Rooftops
A16 The Unmasking
A17 The Shot
A18 The Cabinet Closes
"La Belle Et La Bete" (Beauty And The Beast)
B1 Overture
B2 The Family
B3 Sisters And Sedan Chairs
B4 In The Forest Of Storms
B5 The Castle
B6 The Gates
B7 The Corridor
B8 The Great Hall
B9 Dreams (The Merchant Wakes)
B10 Fear (The Merchant Wakes)
B11 The Rose And The Beast
B12 Magnificent (The White Horse)
B13 Beauty Enters The Castle
B14 The Door
B15 The Mirror
B16 Candelara And Gargoyles
B17 Beauty And The Beast
B18 Transition No. 1
B19 Transition No. 2
B20 The Hunt
B21 The Gift
B22 The Garden
B23 Transition No. 3
B24 Transition No. 4
B25 The Tragedy
B26 Transition No. 5
B27 The Enchanted Glove
B28 Tears As Diamonds (The Gift Reverses)
B29 The Beast In Solitude
B30 The Return Of Magnificent
B31 Transition No. 6 (The Journey)
B32 The Pavilion Of Diana
B33 Transformation No. 1
B34 Transformation No. 2
B35 The Final Curtain