Billy Faier ‎– The Beast of Billy Faier

Faier Records, Inc. ‎– Faier Records #1
Vinyl, LP, Compilation


A-1 Folksinger's Heaven
A-2 Dog's Life
A-3 Denver, Colorado
A-4 Rose Anne
A-5 The Unpleasantness at the Nook
B-1 Together Free
B-2 Slow and Easy
B-3 Cuba song
B-4 Leadbelly's Children
B-5 Live and Let Live
B-6 Song of the Coo-Coo


LP says 1965 but Billy's website says it was released in 1964. From his website's notes about the album:

"This is an LP I produced myself back in 1964. All original songs. John Sebastian plays guitar and harmonica on it. It may have been his first paying music gig. I first met him when he was a young man apprenticed to a guitar maker. He talked me into letting him redo my guitar, free of charge, under the supervision of his employer. I went for it and never regretted it. When he delivered the rebuilt instrument to me and I was strumming it to see how it was, John took a harmonica out and played along with me. He was already a great harp player, as his father was before him, and I think I talked him into going professional with his harp. He did so, and I don’t think he ever regretted it either.

Side A of the LP has five cuts. Folksinger’s Heaven, Dog’s Life, Denver Colorado, Rose Anne, and The Unpleasantness at the Nook. I play banjo only on the third and fifth.

Side B. This is the political side of the album.

For better or for worse, this Album is my contribution to the Civil Rights movement in the sixties."

(More track-by-track notes from Billy here: