Billy Walker ‎– Cross The Brazos At Waco

Bear Family Records ‎– BCD 15657 FI
6 × CD, Compilation
Box Set


1-1 Headin' For Heartaches
1-2 I'm Gonna Take My Heart Away From You
1-3 You're Gonna Pay With A Broken Heart
1-4 You Didn't Try And Didn't Care
1-5 Too Many Times
1-6 Dirt 'Neath Your Feet
1-7 I Guess I'll Have To Die
1-8 Anything Your Heart Desires
1-9 The Last Kiss Is The Sweetest
1-10 Alcohol Love
1-11 I Ain't Got No Roses
1-12 Beautiful Brown Eyes
1-13 Don't Tell A Soul I Love You
1-14 She's Got Honky Tonk Blood (In Her Veins)
1-15 What Would You Do
1-16 Always Think Of You
1-17 Ting-A-Ling
1-18 Fifteen Hugs Past Midnight (Twenty Kisses Till One)
1-19 Millie My Darling
1-20 Anything Your Heart Desires
1-21 What Makes Me Love You (Like I Do)
1-22 One Hearts' Beatin', One Hearts's Cheatin'
1-23 If I Should Live That Long
1-24 Stolen Love
1-25 Who Took My Ring From Your Finger
2-1 Back Street Affair
2-2 You Can Talk Me Out Of Anything (But You)
2-3 True Love's So Hard To Find
2-4 You Have My Heart Now
2-5 You Know You Did
2-6 The One You Hurt
2-7 I Can Tell
2-8 I Had A Dream
2-9 I'm Looking For Love
2-10 Gal About Town
2-11 I Didn't Have The Nerve It Took To Go
2-12 Don't Let Pride Break Your Heart
2-13 Mexican Joe
2-14 Time Will Tell
2-15 Headin' For Heartaches
2-16 It Hurts Too Much To Laugh (And I'm Too Big To Cry)
2-17 I Got Lost Along The Way
2-18 I Can't Keep The Girls Away
2-19 Thank You For Calling
2-20 Candle Light
2-21 Pretend You Just Don't Know Me
2-22 I'm A Fool To Care
2-23 Going-Going-Gone!
3-1 Kissing You
3-2 You're The Only Good Thing (That's Happened To Me)
3-3 Let Me Hear From You
3-4 Hey!
3-5 Fool That I Am
3-6 The Record
3-7 Which One Of Us Is To Blame
3-8 Let's Make Memories Tonight
3-9 Whirlpool
3-10 Go Ahead And Make Me Cry
3-11 The Most Important Thing
3-12 Can't You Just Love Me A Little
3-13 Blue Mountain Waltz
3-14 Why Does It Have To Be
3-15 So Far
3-16 Little Baggy Britches
3-17 Leavin' On My Mind
3-18 If You Were Happy (Then I'm Satisfied)
3-19 Headin' Down The Wrong Highway
3-20 On My Mind Again
3-21 Viva La Matadori
4-1 Anything Your Heart Desires
4-2 I Care No More
4-3 The Image Of Me
4-4 I Need It
4-5 Where My Baby Goes (She Goes With Me)
4-6 Put Your Hand In Mine
4-7 It'll Take Awhile
4-8 It's Doggone Tough On Me
4-9 Ghost Of A Promise
4-10 Love's Got A Hold Of Me
4-11 I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair
4-12 Mr. Heartache
4-13 I Thought About You
4-14 The Storm Within My Heart
4-15 One Way Give And Take
4-16 A Woman Like You
4-17 I Call It Heaven
4-18 Forever
4-19 Farewell Party
4-20 Changed My Mind
4-21 Gotta Find A Way
4-22 I'll Be True To You
4-23 Little Lover
4-24 I Wish You Love
4-25 Yes, I've Made It
4-26 Faded Lights And Lonesome People
5-1 Just Call Me Lonesome (From Now On)
5-2 Let's Think About Livin'
5-3 Alone With You
5-4 They'll Never Take Her Love From Me
5-5 I Take The Chance
5-6 Guess Things Happen That Way
5-7 (Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You
5-8 Molly Darling
5-9 Rockin' Alone (In An Old Rockin' Chair)
5-10 Gonna Find Me A Bluebird
5-11 There Stands The Glass
5-12 Jambalya
5-13 Charlie's Shoes
5-14 Funny How Time Slips Away
5-15 Joey's Back In Town
5-16 Charlie's Shoes
5-17 Wild Colonial Boy
5-18 I Know I'm Lying
5-19 The Next Voice You Hear
5-20 Willie The Weeper
5-21 It's Me Not Them
5-22 Lovely Hula Hands
5-23 Beggin' For Trouble
5-24 Plaything
5-25 I've Got A New Heartache
5-26 Give Back My Heart
5-27 Ancient History
5-28 Thank You For Calling
5-29 The Man Who Had Everything
5-30 These Arms Of Mine
5-31 Throw Me Out
6-1 Storm Of Love
6-2 That Would Sure Go Good
6-3 Heart Be Careful
6-4 Circumstances
6-5 It's Lonesome
6-6 The Morning Paper
6-7 Coming Back For More
6-8 Cross The Brazos At Waco
6-9 Down To My Last Cigarette
6-10 If It Pleases You
6-11 I'm So Miserable Without You
6-12 Matamoros
6-13 Samuel Colt
6-14 Blue Moonlight
6-15 Come A Little Bit Closer
6-16 The Gun, The Gold, The Girl
6-17 The Blizzard
6-18 Pancho Villa
6-19 Cattle Call
6-20 Amigo's Guitar
6-21 The Lawman
6-22 Buy Juanita Some Flowers
6-23 I'm Nothin' To You
6-24 Smokey Memories
6-25 Nobody But A Fool
6-26 Pretend You Don't See Me
6-27 Don't Change



© 1993 Bear Family Records, Made In Germany
Original Release Date: November 8, 1993

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 400012756570