Bjerga / Iversen by K. Saunders ‎– Habbakkuk 211-Dragging Words Out Of A Stone Remixes

TIBProd. ‎– MP3 Album 102
8 × File, 320 kbps


1 Institutional C.V. Soup 11:06
2 Blue Monday 11:28
3 Temptation 09:16
4 Condensed C.V. Soup Batch One 05:31
5 Condensed C.V. Soup Batch Two 08:48
6 Dishes (With Young Mr. Howard On Viola) 13:49
7 Turn My Way Kidney Bingos 07:02
8 Blue Monday Reprise 09:49


Bjerga/Iversen by K. Saunders: Habbakkuk 211-Dragging Words Out Of A Stone Remixes.
K. Saunders says "I like to pretend Bjerga and Iversen are my Canadian friends. I joke about Canada being a suburb of the United States. They laugh and I laugh... We're ever so happy.
But in room 209, Bernard and Peter are having a terribly violent argument. In room 213 Karen and Richard are gorging themselves on vegetable soup and scrambled eggs, disgustingly delicious. Our room is always 211. We're watching Twin Peaks. Benjamin Horne tells his brother, Jerry, "The Norwegians have left".
Meanwhile, two prophets are banging on your door... And have the Norwegians left, really?"