Black Mountains Chronicles ‎– Chronicles Of The Black Mountains

Psychotic Release ‎– PRC 049
5 × Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered


Archaic Arcana
A1 Far Inside The Deep Cave (A Dark Choir Awaits)
A2 The Graceful Lady Near The Natural Fountain
A3 Descending In The Death Valley
A4 The Secret Of The Grey Clouds
A5 A Gathering On A Strange Moor
B1 The Ice Land Monster
B2 Sleeping In The Garden (A Gothic Dream)
B3 A Yellow Sky On Red Dragon Citadel
B4 A Castle In Construction Inside The Forest
B5 Marlik's Strange Machinery
Three Legends Of Zylia
C1 The Woman With Three Eyes
C2 Of Woods And Fairies
D1 The Esoteric Library Under The Earth
The Tower; Or, Some Fairies Telling Ghost Stories
E1 The Blood Stained Room
E2 A Ghost In The Snow
E3 Sadako And The Underground Tunnel
E4 The Last Tragedy In The Temple Of Silence
E5 Trying To Hear Their Spirits
E6 A Girl Voice In The Abandoned Hospital
E7 Funeral Of A Girl Without Age
E8 Dungeons Without Memories
E9 A Place Of Peace, Calm And Silence
E10 The Witches Party
F1 She's Taking Your Breath Away
F2 Dark Howlings At The Village Feast
F3 Haunted Industrial Zone
F4 The Story Of A Plant Tired To Lie Still
Shoomaya; Or, A Female Reign Around An Enchanted Lake
G1 And Death Seemed The Smallest Bad Thing
G2 The Moonlight Lady From The Black Lagoon
G3 Macabre Sunset
G4 A Smiling Mask
G5 The Excess
G6 Kaida's Love And The Mysteries Of Passion
G7 Mechanical Golem
G8 Death Of A Geisha
G9 White Figure
H1 Tears On Shaiza's Face
H2 The Impenetrable Wood Of Samira
H3 The Night Was Dark And Tempestuous
H4 Magic Doll
H5 A Virgin Among The Monsters
H6 Portrait Of An Inexistent Woman
H7 Voluntary Victim For A Forced Pleasure
Rainbow Fountain; Or, The Experimental Bio-Zone
I1 The Ultimate Grade Of Darkness
I2 A Book From Ancient Times
I3 Parallel Dimension
I4 Seeing In You A Mystic Shadow
I5 Bride Of A Female Vampire
I6 Message From The Vault
I7 Searching For (An Original Title)
I8 Wrath Of A Goddess
I9 Dada Gaaru
I10 Dark Assassin From Outer Space
I11 Wrong Title
I12 The Ghost Of Shamiki
I13 Virtual Collage
J1 This Necrology Of Love
J2 Graceful Girl At The Window
J3 Scarlet Doll
J4 The Hanging Witch Asylum
J5 Carnivorous Wood
J6 Always Back Into The Same Place
J7 When Did Time Started
J8 Obscure Satellite
J9 Back To Senses
J10 The Night Shira Escaped From The Cave


Compilation in 5 cassettes of all the artist releases until 2013, four full length albums and one mini, which were previously released only on CDRs. This release comes with a cm 17x23 plastic box, limited to 7 copies, numbered outside and inside, with the usual gadgets of the label.