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I Can't Explain
Feel Me
I've Seen The Word
Living On The Ceiling
Sad Day
God's Kitchen

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December 4, 2013
edited over 4 years ago
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I treasure the original 1982 version of this album too much to comment without bias, one way or another, but this has some truly magical moments, a LOT of singing, some peculiarities, and then some.

Firstly this is a modern re-recording, secondly it is faithful to the original and thirdly it is good. The spaces in between the words, music and beats that Blancmange originally sculpted so well have almost all been filled in with inorganic beats & general noodleing. The songs are all the same, almost – give or take an ‘online’ or a HA!, HA! HA!, or ten less.

The vocals are strong giving a faithful rendition of the originals rather than a life time of reimagining to them. For the most part the vocals are up very loud in the mix which emphasises ALL the very earnest singing... but when NEIL does let rip and gets into the zone – powerful stuff, we are reminded why we originally fell in love.

Possibly the most modern or imaginative of the re-recordings is the classic single Waves, & hopefully this version will be built upon and it too will be allowed to blossom into the tsunami it is destined to be.

The instrumental signature tune ‘Sad Day’ is sacred and hardly embellished at all, thankfully and disappointedly so, this piece of music deserves an entire album of versions and remixes devoted to it alone.

I am not going to suggest 'Cruel' is better than the original, as music is not a competition, but... it is.

The original Happy Families album was slightly ominous, this version is slightly good fun. All this of course will change as I play it more - which I am doing - which is a big deal these days - and its predecessor being so iconic for me too etc etc etc.

I would love to hear this band step outside their comfort zone, turn it up to eleven or preferably down to Radio Therapy-esq lows, but I look forward to the new material all the same.

Thanks, for the live shows, BD