Blango ‎– FUKU2K2

8088 ‎– #77
Vinyl, 10"


1 Wave is total butt-wave
2 No ave. '00*
3 Wave stacks (recorded live on kwur)
4 brutal 2000's brittle pig*
5 Total wave song titles #1-6
6 Early wave movement in New Wave
7 Brutal cd (CD)
8 My classic no-blog diary
9 "WOW-wave meets GLow wave 2"
10 Mid-90's for my slo-core waders
11 90's gay wave works for slave wage
12 Band ending in tron-a-thon
13 (get off my wave) abe
14 Classic girly wave (recorded live on kslu)
15 Prog-Wave
16 All about the wave-jamins
17 Post-bluts-bogica
18 What now meets why bother(daily blogger)
19 80's totally wavey
20 1940-1970's new wave metal
21 Blorg Blorg #1 and this title wage
22 22 lives live (recorded live on kdhx)



All copies of the 10" and digital version come wrapped in aluminum and other various(silver- toned) thin,metal-based covers.

Info for the titles is stenciled on paper and card stock with black and green inks.

All copies list 8088(note:not the record collective of the same name)as the label.
Per liner notes:
Recorded (mostly) live.

Tracks 1,2,4,5,6,7and 14 have subtly different titles and there are also various small differences in catalog numbers amongst different copies.(#6666,777,5678,etc.)
Due to limited quantities,some reviewers received only digital files or data files.
Sometimes incorrectly referred to as or reviewed as 'Fukuzkz'