Blink-182 ‎– Greatest Hits

Geffen Records ‎– DC9682/984 218-5
2 × CD, Compilation, Limited Edition, Reissue
DVD, NTSC, Multichannel, Copy Protected

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Greatest Hits
CD1-1 Carousel 3:12
CD1-2 M&M's 2:36
CD1-3 Josie (Radio Edit) 2:46
CD1-4 Dammit (Dirty Edit) 3:05
CD1-5 What's My Age Again 2:28
CD1-6 All The Small Things (Single Edit) 2:47
CD1-7 Adam's Song 4:07
CD1-8 Man Overboard (Tom Lord-Alge Remix) 2:49
CD1-9 The Rock Show 2:51
CD1-10 First Date 2:51
CD1-11 Stay Together For The Kids 3:53
CD1-12 I Feel So
Performer – Box Car Racer
CD1-13 Feeling This 2:55
CD1-14 I Miss You 3:47
CD1-15 Down (Single Edit) 3:13
CD1-16 Always 4:17
CD1-17 Not Now 4:23
CD1-18 Another Girl, Another Planet
Written-By – The Only Ones
CD1-19 I Won't Be Home For Christmas 3:17
CD1-20 Go (BBC Radio 1 Session) 1:51
CD1-21 Aliens Exist (Live In LA) 3:13
The Mark, Tom And Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!)
CD2-1 Dumpweed 2:53
CD2-2 Don't Leave Me 2:38
CD2-3 Aliens Exist 3:43
CD2-4 Family Reunion 0:51
CD2-5 Going Away To College 3:40
CD2-6 What's My Age Again? 3:18
CD2-7 Rich Lips 3:35
CD2-8 Blew Job 0:41
CD2-9 Untitled 3:07
CD2-10 Voyeur 3:28
CD2-11 Pathetic 2:51
CD2-12 Adam's Song 4:35
CD2-13 Peggy Sue 3:47
CD2-14 Wendy Clear 4:09
CD2-15 Carousel 3:38
CD2-16 All The Small Things 3:35
CD2-17 Mutt 3:39
CD2-18 Country Song 1:00
CD2-19 Dammit 3:05
CD2-20 Man Overboard [Album Version] 2:46
CD2-21 [Untitled] 0:23
CD2-22 [Untitled] 0:38
CD2-23 [Untitled] 0:34
CD2-24 [Untitled] 0:09
CD2-25 [Untitled] 0:21
CD2-26 [Untitled] 0:35
CD2-27 [Untitled] 0:16
CD2-28 [Untitled] 0:07
CD2-29 [Untitled] 0:18
CD2-30 [Untitled] 0:18
CD2-31 [Untitled] 0:25
CD2-32 [Untitled] 0:27
CD2-33 [Untitled] 0:11
CD2-34 [Untitled] 0:25
CD2-35 [Untitled] 0:33
CD2-36 [Untitled] 0:17
CD2-37 [Untitled] 0:19
CD2-38 [Untitled] 0:42
CD2-39 [Untitled] 0:22
CD2-40 [Untitled] 0:10
CD2-41 [Untitled] 0:10
CD2-42 [Untitled] 0:35
CD2-43 [Untitled] 0:17
CD2-44 [Untitled] 0:05
CD2-45 [Untitled] 0:14
CD2-46 [Untitled] 0:22
CD2-47 [Untitled] 0:18
CD2-48 [Untitled] 0:06
CD2-49 [Untitled] 0:56
Greatest Hits
DVD-1 M+M's 3:15
DVD-2 Dammit (Growing Up) 2:51
DVD-3 Josie 3:36
DVD-4 What's My Ag Again? 2:27
DVD-5 All The Small Things 2:53
DVD-6 Adam's Song 4:14
DVD-7 Man Overboard 2:56
DVD-8 The Rock Show 3:08
DVD-9 Stay Together For The Kids 3:58
DVD-10 First Date 3:32
DVD-11 Feeling This 3:09
DVD-12 I Miss You 3:50
DVD-13 Down 3:17
DVD-14 Always 4:12
DVD-15 Not Now 4:17



This is the (South) Korean re-issue, limited edition in 2CD + DVD package. Includes the expanded edition of Greatest Hits CD, The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!) (with hidden tracks) and special edition of the Greatest Hits DVD which includes the "M+M's" and "Now Now" videos.

Greatest Hits information:
This edition includes several bonus tracks. Including a Box Car Racer song, "I Feel So". Which was a side-project of Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker.
"I Won't Be Home For Christmas"and "Go" (BBC Radio 1 Session) were previously made available on the UK import edition. "Aliens Exist" (Live In LA) was previously made available on international imports.

The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!) information:
The show was recorded from two different locations. November 4, 1999 at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, California and November 5, 1999 at Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, California.

Tracks, 7 and 8 is listed as their censored titles. The correct titles are, "Dick Lips" and "Blow Job". "Man Overboard" is the only studio track. Tracks 21–49 are not listed on the track listing. These includes mainly of jokes and skits.

There are some song changes on selected songs. These includes:
• In "Don't Leave Me", Mark says, "Just like last night" instead of "Just like last time".
• In "Aliens Exist" Tom changes the lines, "I got an injection/of fear from the abduction/my best friend thinks I'm just telling lies" to, "I got an injection/of blood from the erection/my best friend thinks I'm just humping guys." When Tom sings the last line, "I'm not like you guys, twelve majestic lies", Mark chimes in afterward, singing "Tom has sex with guys".
• In "Going Away to College," Mark sings "But you're so beautiful, Skylee" (from his wife's name Skye Everly), instead of "But you're so beautiful to me." At the end of the song, Mark sings, "But you're so beautiful" which is where the song would end on the studio album, but he adds, "To Travis!"
• In "What's My Age Again?", Mark changes the words "What's my age again" to "Where's my Asian friend" the second time he says it in each chorus, then repeats the changed lyric at the end of the song. Also in "What's My Age Again?", Mark changes every "What the hell" to "What the fuck". Then, right before the bridge, he yells "It's the slow pretty part!"
• In "Rich Lips" Mark chimes in on the second chorus right before the bridge, repeating the lyrics Tom sings at a slightly higher pitch.
• In "Voyeur", there are two lyric changes. In the first verse, "The lonely guy I am, I wait for her to change" is changed to "The lonely guy I am, I like to watch her change." In the bridge, "He kicks my ass so much, that filthy white inbred" is changed to "He kicks my ass so much, that fucking white inbred," although the same cannot be said about the second time around. Also, right before Mark's solo, the band pauses so that he can get ready, confusing the audience, but also giving him and Tom time to crack a couple jokes. The audience comes across as understanding, and jovial to this intermission. The rest of the gig continues.
• In "Carousel", Mark changes the words from "I guess it's just another," to "I had sex with your mother." The second time, he rolls his tongue and screams "Brrr stick 'em!". This way, the lyrics go "I guess it's just another/I guess it's just another/Brrr stick 'em!" This a reference to The Fat Boys song "Human Beat Box"
• In "The Country Song" Mark makes a reference at the end to South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, by singing "...shut your fucking face, Uncle Fucker!", which is part of the lyrics in the song "Uncle Fucker" in the movie itself.
• "Adam's Song" is played one key lower than the studio recording.

Greatest Hits DVD information:
The music videos for "M+M's" and "Not Now" are exclusive to this bundle only.

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