Bloodhammer / Ride For Revenge ‎– Chords Of The Left Hand

Cassette, Limited Edition


A1 Bloodhammer Lakes Of Fire 4:10
A2 Bloodhammer Mestaaja 3:00
A3 Bloodhammer Violence Of The Summoned Dead 0:54
A4 Bloodhammer Grave Of The Unholy Beast 4:59
A5 Bloodhammer Lords Of The Old Coffin 4:27
A6 Bloodhammer Hate Pattern 2:04
B1 Ride For Revenge Barbarian Death Command – Intro 0:55
B2 Ride For Revenge Glory Of The Barbarians 0:35
B3 Ride For Revenge Unearthly Terror 0:34
B4 Ride For Revenge Venomous Lizard Demons 0:45
B5 Ride For Revenge Holy Sister Sodomy 0:19
B6 Ride For Revenge Taste My Poison (Armed By Sathanas) 1:03
B7 Ride For Revenge Despise From Hell 1:02
B8 Ride For Revenge Cum Upon The Altar 1:12
B9 Ride For Revenge Mortality Of Morality (Harsh Attack) 0:32
B10 Ride For Revenge Barbarian Death Command - Outro 1:37
B11 Ride For Revenge Ride Of The Wicked 1:30
B12 Ride For Revenge Goat Violence 2:10
B13 Ride For Revenge Perverted Goddess Of Astronomy 1:44
B14 Ride For Revenge Wir Sind Götter Pt.2 3:42



Two finnish elite black metal bands has united in this unholy split release. BLOODHAMMER
continuing with their filthy old school black metal art, offering really strong material again.

RIDE FOR REVENGE goes to the new dimension again, this time with extremely bestial and ugly
black metal you haven't hear before. This split is not for you!!! LP version comes with
noble gatefold covers and heavy weight vinyl. MC is factory pressed and sealed.

Limited to 250 copies.