Blowout ‎– Turntable Anhilists Presents Verses Vs Beats

Turntable Anhilists ‎– TA 177
CD, Mixed, Promo, Ltd


1 Blowout, Cynthia Intro
2 Kalel (3) Untitled
3 J-Hon Untitled
4 iCON the Mic King Untitled
5 Logic (25) Untitled
6 Reason (15) Untitled
7 Many Styles Untitled
8 Invincible (2) Untitled
9 Tonedeff Untitled
10 Supreme Wisdom Untitled
11 M-Tri, Kim (70) Untitled
12 C-Rayz Walz Untitled
13 C.H.R.U.E. Indeed God Untitled
14 Low Deck* Untitled
15 L.I.F.E. Long Untitled
16 Low Class (2) Untitled
17 DaCapo Untitled
18 Tes Untitled
19 Castro The Connect Untitled
20 Afra, Baba* Untitled
21 P.R.E. Untitled
22 Ace Lover Untitled
23 Vast Aire Untitled
24 Percee P Untitled
25 Mahogany Jones Untitled
26 Mazzi Untitled
27 Bugdeyes Untitled
28 Xplore (2) Untitled
29 Logan P. Mcoy Untitled
30 Jean Grae Untitled
31 Despot Untitled
32 Ken Boogaloo Untitled
33 Oktober Untitled
34 DP One Untitled
35 Jedi Son Of Spock Untitled
36 Soulstice (2) Untitled
37 C4 (13) Untitled
38 Sabac Red* Untitled
39 Breezly Brewin Untitled
40 Ill Bill Untitled
41 Matrix (39) Untitled
42 Influence (9) Untitled
43 Pumpkinhead Untitled
44 Subconscious* Untitled
45 UG* Untitled
46 Breez Evahflowin' Untitled
47 Blowout Blowout's Dedication
48 Blowout, DP One, Xplore (2), Tchak Nasty T.A. Session


Blowout Of Turntable Anihilists
Kalel Of Soundmindz
iCON the Mic King of Level X
Logic Of Level X
Reason Of Level X
Many Styles Of Level X
Invincible Of Anomolies
Supreme Wisdom Of 3rd Eye Navigators
C-Rayz Walz Of Stronghold (3) Crew
C.H.R.U.E. Indeed God Of Underwaters
L.I.F.E. Long Of Stronghold (3) Crew
Vast Aire Of Cannibal Ox
Mazzi Of The Ancients
Bugdeyes Of State Of Flux
Xplore Of Turntable Anihilists
Logan P. Mcoy Of 3rd Message
Ken Boogaloo Of Wee Bee Foolish
DP One Of Turntable Anihilists
Breezly Brewin Of Juggaknots
UG from the Dwellas
Breez Evahflowin' Of Stronghold (3) Crew
Tchak Nasty Of Turntable Anihilists

Cardboard Sleeve.
Collection of exclusive freestyles by Turntable Anihilists's Blowout .
Only sold at select online stores around 2002 .