Blue Sky Boys ‎– Classic Country Remastered

JSP Records ‎– JSP7782
Box Set
5 × CD, Compilation


Charlotte, NC 1936/1937
1-1 I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
1-2 Sunny Side Of Life
1-3 There'll Come A Time
1-4 Where The Soul Never Dies
1-5 Midnight On The Stormy Sea
1-6 Take Up Thy Cross
1-7 Row Us Over The Tide
1-8 Down On The Banks Of The Ohio
1-9 I'm Troubled, I'm Troubled
1-10 The Dying Boy's Prayer
1-11 No One To Welcome Me Home
1-12 Didn't They Crucify My Lord
1-13 Only Let Me Walk With Thee
1-14 Can't You Hear That Night Bird Crying
1-15 An Old Account Was Settled
1-16 Sweet Allalee
1-17 You Give Me Your Love
1-18 I Believe It
1-19 When The Ransomed Get Home
1-20 Fair Eyed Ellen
1-21 Somebody Makes Me Think Of You
1-22 Sweet Evalina
1-23 No Home
1-24 What Have You Done
Charlotte, NC - Rock Hill, SC 1937/1938
2-1 Sing A Song For The Blind
2-2 Within The Circle
2-3 They're All Home But One
2-4 Hymns My Mother Sang
2-5 Have No Desire To Roam
2-6 No Disappointment In Heaven
2-7 Story Of The Knoxville Girl
2-8 On The Old Plantation
2-9 In My Little Home In Tenessee
2-10 Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes
2-11 The Prisoner's Dream
2-12 The Answer To The Prisoner's Dream
2-13 When The Stars Begin To Fall
2-14 We Buried Her
2-15 Heaven Holds All For Me
2-16 Little Bessie
2-17 I Need The Prayers
2-18 Old Fashioned Meeting
2-19 Katie Dear
2-20 Who Wouldn't Be Lonely
2-21 Life Line
2-22 When The Valley Moon Was Low
2-23 My Last Letter
2-24 Mother Wnet He Holiness Way
Rock Hill, SC - Atlanta, GA 1938/1940
3-1 Hang Out The Front Door Key
3-2 This Is Like Heaven To Me
3-3 I've Found A Friend
3-4 Asleep In The Briny Deep
3-5 Last Night While Standing By My Window
3-6 There Was A Time
3-7 Bring Back My Wandering Boy
3-8 When The Roses Bloom In Dixieland
3-9 Are You From Dixie
3-10 Give Me My Roses Now
3-11 The House Where We Were Wed
3-12 There's No Other Love For Me
3-13 God Sent My Little Girl
3-14 Someone's Last Day
3-15 She'll Be There
3-16 The Lighting Express
3-17 The Royal Telephone
3-18 The Convict And The Rose
3-19 Father Dead Father Come Home
3-20 We Parted By The Riverside
3-21 Only One Step More
3-22 The East Bound Train
3-23 The Last Mile Of The Way
3-24 She's Somebody's Darling Once More
Atlanta, GA - New York City 1940-1947
4-1 I'm S-A-V-E-D
4-2 Whispering Hope
4-3 The Butcher's Boy
4-4 This Evening Light
4-5 Mary Of The Wild Moor
4-6 Why Not Confess
4-7 Turn Your Radio On
4-8 Since The Angels Took My Mother Far Away
4-9 In The Hills Of Roane County
4-10 Kneel At The Cross
4-11 Brown Eyes
4-12 Short Life Of Trouble
4-13 A Picture On The Wall
4-14 Pictures From Life's Other Side
4-15 Don't Say Goodbye If You Love Me
4-16 Speak To Me Little Darling
4-17 Have You Seen My Daddy Here
4-18 I Love Her More Now Mother's Old
4-19 Dust On The Bible
4-20 Kentucky
4-21 I'm Glad (I'm Glad He's Gone And Left You)
4-22 The Chapel In The Hills
4-23 Sold Down The River
4-24 I'm Going To Write To Heaven (for I Know My Daddy's There)
New York City - Atlanta, GA - Nashville, TN 1947-1950
5-1 Come To The Saviour
5-2 Garden In The Sky
5-3 There's Been A Change
5-4 Romans 6:23
5-5 I'll Take My Saviour By The Hand
5-6 I Cannot Take You Back Now
5-7 Behind These Prison Wall Of Love
5-8 Angel Mother
5-9 Let's Not Sleep Again
5-10 Don't Take The Light (from My Dark Cell)
5-11 The Cross On The Hill
5-12 The Sweetest Gift, A Mother's Smile
5-13 You've Branded Your Name On My Heart
5-14 Little Mother Of The Hills
5-15 Alabama
5-17 One Cold Winter's Eve
5-18 Paper Boy
5-19 Shake Hands With Your Mothe Today
5-20 When Heven Comes Down
5-21 The Unfinished Rug
5-22 Tears On Her Bridal Bouquet
5-23 The Lord Be With Us, Amen
5-24 Drop Your Net
5-25 The New Golden Rule
5-26 Sunny Side Of Life