Blue States ‎– Nothing Changes Under The Sun



Arion 4:32
Diamente 4:28
The Trainer Shuffle 4:11
Stereo 99 4:41
Spit And Soar 5:06
Golden Touch 5:24
Your Girl 5:06
Looking Glass 4:55
Theme From Within 4:50
Elios Therepia 4:49
Heroes' Elegy 6:40
Cherio Manoli 3:56



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March 25, 2004
referencing Nothing Changes Under The Sun, CD, Album, ESL 035

<I>Nothing Under the Sun</I> is astonishing -- even though it’s Blue States’ first album, its mature production and careful attention to detail make it an instant classic. Its downtempo stylings are melodically perfect, with a tinge of sadness permeating the proceedings. “The Trainer Shuffle,” for instance, morphs and grows, continually adding instruments: a wistful trumpet, a Hammond organ, a muted brass band. The most famous track, “Your Girl,” makes you wonder why people even bother falling in love: the vocal sample complements the melancholy vibe. Both “Stereo 99” and “Spit and Soar” have a gorgeously dreamy quality to them; they’re songs that make you want to lie on a hill and watch the clouds go by. Easily one of the best downtempo albums of the decade.