Boar ‎– We Are Your Forest Dwellers, We Are The Livestock



1 Face To Face With A Real Failure 10:00
2 Try Not To Bother 6:00
3 The Red Circle 3:33
4 Thicken Up (You Ghostly Figure) 5:01



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August 4, 2014

The material on this disc seems pretty damn fine; in fact, in revisiting the stash of noise I collected around '09/'10 through trades and label/artist contacts I found there was a lot to be liked about Alex' works. Even though he has now turned mostly to HNW, his older work is more varied, ranging from more melodic electronics via PE through to straight up harsh noise. And even though his HNW work is excellent, this is really awesome, too.

It's a shame, therefore, that the CDr I have is faulty - the first track cuts out two minutes in, and from three minutes onward it freezes up. A damn shame, as the two opening minutes seemed very promising. The second track is a melodic, moody track, with some compelling synth melodies and interesting samples used. A very neat composition that sets a sort of haunting, menacing tone. The third track consists of densely layered guitar noise; it is more dissonant, but in an almost shoegazey manner with some nice high tones sprinkled throughout. The album closer offers a compelling take on PE; the backdrop is composed of a bitter sweet, soft melody and - as the track progresses - some soft static noise, guitar distortion and samples, all mixed in gently, while abrasive screams are pasted crudely on top. The contrast is huge, the result utterly intriguing. I really wish I could hear track one. All in all, excellent disc.