Bob Marley ‎– The Complete Wailers 1967-1972 Part 1

The Part 1 of The Complete Bob Marley & The Wailers 1967 To 1972 series is a 3 CD set that contains:
Volume 1 (Rock To The Rock)
Volume 2 (Selassie Is The Chapel)
Volume 3 (The Best Of The Wailers)


Rock To The Rock (1968)
Rock To The Rock 2:25
Rocking Steady (Alternate) 2:03
How Many Times (Also Known As "Do You Remember") 3:04
Touch Me 3:01
Mellow Mood (Alternate) 2:35
There She Goes (Alternate) 2:32
Soul Rebel (Original) 3:52
Put It On (Alternate) 3:01
Chances Are (Alternate) 3:19
Love 2:53
Bend Down Low (Alternate) 3:28
The World Is Changing 2:36
Nice Time (Alternate) 2:46
Treat You Right 2:16
What Goes Around Comes Around (Original) 4:14
What Goes Around Comes Around (Version) 4:15
Selassie Is The Chapel (1968-69-70)
Don't Rock My Boat (Original, Later Known As "Satisfy My Soul") 2:32
The Lord Will Make A Way 2:12
Chances Are (Original) 3:19
Selassie Is The Chapel 3:52
Tread Oh 2:49
Feel Alright (Original) 2:31
Rhythm 2:31
Rocking Steady (Original) 1:49
Adam And Eve 3:05
Wisdom (Original, Also Known As "Fools Die" And "Stiff Necked Fools") 3:13
This Train (Alternate) 2:39
Thank You Lord (Alternate) 3:20
Give Me A Ticket (Original, Also Known As "The Letter") 1:58
Trouble On The Road Again 2:32
Black Progress (Medley : Black Progress / (Say It Loud) I'm Black And I'm Proud) 2:30
Extra Tracks :
Black Progress (Version) 2:37
Tread Oh (Version) 2:25
Best Of The Wailers (1970)
Sugar Sugar 2:46
Stop The Train 2:18
Cheer Up 2:01
Soon Come 2:21
Soul Captives 2:02
Go Tell It On The Mountain 3:14
Can't You See (Alternate) 2:40
Give Me Ticket (Alternate, Also Known As "The Letter") 1:59
Hold On To This Feeling (Also Known As "Gotta Hold On This Feeling") 2:55
Mr. Chatterbox (Alternate, Also Known As " Mr Talkative") 2:37
Soul Shake Down (Version) 3:06
Soon Come (Version) 2:24
Mr Chatterbox (Version) 3:02
Hold On To This Feeling (Version) 2:50