Bobby Brown (4) ‎– The Enlightening Beam Of Axonda By Bobby Brown

First released in 1972 and kept in print for a longer period of time with at least three different cover variations.

1. The (to be believed) first edition with a tip-on cover (no address on back, no notes about concerts and weddings, no playback instructions).
2. The cover with full address and info about additional copies being available for $5 each, notes about concerts and weddings availabilities with telephone number to reach the artist, as well as playback instructions.
3. The cover with full address, notes about concerts and weddings availabilities (but without telephone number), as well as playback instructions.

Most vinyl covers were signed by the artist "Love Bobby", sometimes with smileys and more. Sometimes the playback instructions were specially marked.

In 2004 the album was re-issued on CD (it's unknown whether this was done with permission or not).


I Must Be Born
My Hawaiian Home
Mama Knows Boys A Rambler
Mambo Che Chay
Oneness With The Forest
Tiny Wind Of Shanol
Goin'On Through
Preparation Dimension Of Heaven