Bobby Brown (4) ‎– The Enlightening Beam Of Axonda By Bobby Brown

Destiny Records (5) ‎– DR 4002
Vinyl, LP, Album, 1st pressing


A1 I Must Be Born
A2 My Hawaiian Home
A3 Mama Knows Boys A Rambler
A4 Mambo Che Chay
A5 Oneness With The Forest
B1 Tiny Wind Of Shanol
B2 Bray
B3 Axonda
B4 Goin'On Through
B5 Preparation Dimension Of Heaven

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"Deep loving appreciation to Carol Kleyn and Chuck Plotkin."

"About fifty homemade instruments designed to be as small as possible and placed on racks so as to be played from one spot(in a rotating, standing position) - styles of many countries were adapted - such as irish harp, koto, Drums, Thumb Piano, Flutes, Sitar and Dulcimer - there are 311 strings total - the key bass was adapted to be played by foot along with several other homemade foot instruments - the ability to make electric pick-ups from coils and computer parts was taught to me by Jon Lazell - Jon also allowed me to adapt some of his inventions & motivated me to invent some of my own - the result - "the Universal One Man Orchestra", primitive, contemporary and futuristic."

Most copies are signed by Bobby Brown in various ways and some have a hand-written note (in blue pen) saying "play treble up".

This edition feature neither address nor his blurp about playing on weddings, parties or concerts, nor the info "on phonograph - adjust the treble up alot and the bass down a fair amount".

This is probably the first pressing as it also features the old style cover with glued on backcover art on heavy cardboard stock.



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January 24, 2018
edited 4 months ago

Pretty trippy album.. but as usual, I find the cultishniss surrounding the music more interesting than the music itself. My Hawaiian Home is the standout track, the rest seems like filler and suffering from being “weird for weird’s sake.” Can’t see spinning this one more than once. Luckily its worth twice what I payed.