Bobby Heath, Eric Peters & Robert Hunter (2) ‎– Half A Minute

Spectrum Mood Library ‎– SPEC 220
Vinyl, LP


A1 Rooster Rag
A2 Whizzy Waltz-Time
A3 Hello Sailor
A4 That's All Folks
A5 Summer With Marty
A6 Martinas' Bossanova
A7 Boulevard
A8 Scarecrow Wedding
A9 Head Shrinker
A10 Mind Drift
A11 Sympathetic Vibrations
A12 Nice Trip
A13 Swift Messenger
A14 Universal Hustler
A15 Warming Up
A16 Quantem
A17 Blue Mountain Racer
A18 Confrontation
A19 Awakening Spring
A20 Love Duet
A21 Love Valley
A22 Mountain Flute
A23 Meditation
A24 Powergrid
A25 City Lights
A26 Pumpin' Rhythm
A27 International Brief
A28 Bass Bounce
A29 Computer City
A30 Relaxez-Vous
A31 Tight Schedule
A32 Street Scene
A33 Moving Images
A34 Orchestral Clocks
A35 Go For It
A36 Winning Through
A37 Magic Dawn
A38 Data Drive
A39 Sonic Undulation
A40 Passing Time
B1 Wishing Well
B2 Gnomes Party
B3 Fairy Grotto
B4 Bells & Chimes
B5 Snow Ride
B6 Swing Along Santa
B7 Children's Dreams
B8 Xmas Bustle
B9 Festive Scenes
B10 Fun In The Snow
B11 Face To Face
B12 War Zone
B13 Opposing Forces
B14 Battle Lines
B15 Vale Of Tears
B16 Cortege
B17 Vanquished
B18 Images Of Fear
B19 Twilight
B20 Awesome Vision
B21 On Vacation
B22 Mandy
B23 Cocktail Time
B24 Buzzin'
B25 Top Network
B26 Cool Cat
B27 On The Rack
B28 Fly The Flag
B29 Freak Out
B30 Rock On
B31 Action Man
B32 Zap Me Baby
B33 Mean Meany
B34 Woman In Black
B35 Zig Zag
B36 Smooth Groove
B37 Jimmy's Place
B38 Year Of The Tiger
B39 Calypsico
B40 Travellin' Man


Volume 20

Selected titles of 28-30 second lengths.