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Sony Music ‎– 88697928702, Legacy ‎– 88697928702
Original Album Classics – 88697928702
5 × CD, Album, Remastered
Box Set, Compilation

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Take The Heat Off Me
1-1 Daddy Cool 3:26
1-2 Take The Heat Off Me 4:47
1-3 Sunny 4:01
1-4 Baby Do You Wanna Bump 6:53
1-5 No Woman No Cry 4:55
1-6 Fever 4:01
1-7 Got A Man On My Mind 3:24
1-8 Lovin' Or Leavin' 4:30
Bonus Tracks
1-9 New York City 3:43
1-10 Perfect
Performer [Uncredited] – Liz Mitchell
Love For Sale
2-1 Ma Baker 4:34
2-2 Love For Sale 4:41
2-3 Belfast 3:30
2-4 Have You Ever Seen The Rain 2:35
2-5 Gloria, Can You Waddle 3:56
2-6 Plantation Boy 4:24
2-7 Motherless Child 4:55
2-8 Silent Lover 4:13
2-9 A Woman Can Change A Man 3:30
2-10 Still I'm Sad 4:33
2-11 Ma Baker / Somebody Scream (Sash! Radio Edit)
Featuring – Horny UnitedRemix – Sash!
2-12 Stories (Radio Mix) 4:16
Nightflight To Venus
3-1 Nightflight To Venus 4:46
3-2 Rasputin 5:51
3-3 Painter Man 3:10
3-4 He Was A Steppenwolf 6:51
3-5 King Of The Road 2:36
3-6 Rivers Of Babylon 4:18
3-7 Voodoonight 3:31
3-8 Brown Girl In The Ring 4:00
3-9 Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night 5:32
3-10 Heart Of Gold 4:05
Bonus Tracks
3-11 Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord 5:43
3-12 Dancing In The Streets 3:58
Oceans Of Fantasy
4-1 Let It All Be Music 4:52
4-2 Gotta Go Home 3:45
4-3 Bye Bye Bluebird 4:47
4-4 Bahama Mama 3:16
4-5 Hold On I'm Coming 3:32
4-6 Two Of Us 3:15
4-7 Ribbons Of Blue 1:58
4-8 Oceans Of Fantasy 5:05
4-9 El Lute 5:53
4-10 No More Chain Gang 5:22
4-11 I'm Born Again 4:08
4-12 No Time To Lose 2:52
4-13 Calendar Song (January, February, March...) 2:41
Bonus Tracks
4-14 I See A Boat On The River (7" Verion) 4:40
4-15 My Friend Jack 4:39
5-1 Boonoonoonoos 4:40
5-2 That's Boonoonoonoos / Train To Skaville / I Shall Sing 5:56
5-3 Silly Confusion 7:19
5-4 Ride To Agadir 5:11
5-5 Jimmy 4:07
5-6 African Moon 2:59
5-7 We Kill The World (Don't Kill The World) 6:33
5-8 Homeland Africa (Ship Ahoi) 4:20
5-9 Malaika 3:26
5-10 Consuela Biaz 4:37
5-11 Breakaway 4:18
5-12 Sad Movies 3:21
5-13 Goodbye My Friend 5:25
Bonus Tracks
5-14 Felicidad (Margherita) (Extended Original Version) 4:33
5-15 Strange 3:29

Companies, etc.


Track lists are identical to the album re-releases from 2007.
Each album packaged in a replica card sleeve of the original album sleeve (2007 releases came in jewel boxes). Disc design is the same for all 5 albums.

Catalog numbers and release year for each CD/album:
88697928702CD1, 1976, Take The Heat Off Me
88697928702CD2, 1977, Love For Sale
88697928702CD3, 1978, Nightflight To Venus
88697928702CD4, 1979, Oceans Of Fantasy
88697928702CD5, 1981, Boonoonoonoos

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© 2011 Sony Music Entertainment
℗ 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981 Sony Music Entertainment
Made in the EU.

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  • Barcode (Text): 8 86979 28702 0
  • Barcode (String): 886979287020
  • Rights Society: BIEM/GEMA
  • Label Code: LC06355



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January 15, 2016
Although I wasn’t born when Boney M were at their peak, I have fond memories from them as a child when my Mum would play their just released “Gold” compilation…the stories of “Ma Baker” and “Rasputin” enthralled me. Of course since then I have discovered many other fine moments from these Euro disco giants. But it has taken me until now to finally own their first five albums conveniently packaged in one set by Sony Entertainment. So let’s begin…
“Take the Heat Off Me” (1976)
Their first album has a typical cover image from the mid-70’s: decadent and sleazy, it is terrific. Opening with their megahit, “Daddy Cool”, it would seem hard to believe no one could know this tune, it is undeniably a classic and its unrelenting groove means it will never die. The title track is up next, and it is a smooth disco groover that sits very well with me. “Sunny”, one of Boney M’s many cover versions, is also one of their best. The dramatic strings gel with the girls’ voices and urgent horns. And then their first European hit, “Baby Do You Wanna Bump”, with that terrific intro concludes side 1 of a very funky album. I had “Bump” on a hits cd, but I was delighted to hear it in here in its six minute version…very funky, lots of wah wah and growling bass and vocals. Another cover, “No Woman No Cry”, and it is not a favourite of mine. I don’t really like the reggae stuff they attempted, but then the genre is not really one I care for anyway. “Fever” comes up next, and it seems to be a song a lot of disco artists attempted: Madleen Kane, Roy Ayers, Isaac Hayes, but Boney M’s is the most lackluster of all of them, it is not bad, it’s just not that grabbing. “Got A Man On My Mind” is better; in fact, I feel all of their original material is better than the covers they performed (“Sunny” may be an exception). Then one of my new fav discoveries, “Lovin’ Or Leavin”, an up-tempo sexy disco groove that I can see would have garnered a lot of club support…terrific. And then two bonus tracks: “New York City”, which is reminiscent of “Help Help” (not on this set), but very groovy and then a Liz Mitchell solo tune, “Perfect” which is pretty bad; her voice is grating and the tune is weak. But it was nice to hear the bonus tracks and all in all, this is a great album.
“Love For Sale” (1977)
Opening with “Ma Baker”, one of their strongest tracks in their catalogue you know you’re in for a good time. This not only has a great groove, but the story is interesting too. How it only got to No.96 on the US pop charts is a mystery! Happily it’s success in Europe and the UK more than made up for it. Next up is the title track, and it is another favourite of mine. Drenched in strings, and fast paced it is perfect for swirling around the dance floor. “Belfast” is another big UK hit up next and has that fast groove once again. Next up is “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”, a weak cover song that does very little for me. “Gloria Can You Waddle”, despite its off putting title is very similar to “Baby Do You Wanna Bump” and has a funky groove, but you’d probably be better off sticking to the original. “Plantation Boy” has that soft reggae feel that pepper a lot of their music and this one is not too bad, though the vocals of the lead singer leave a lot to be desired. Pleasant but nothing more than that. “Motherless Child” is up next and is great; gorgeous strings, full of drama and builds to a climax at the end. One of the best tracks on the album. “Silent Lover” is very funky, very mid 70’s porn chic. “A Woman Can Change a Man” settles nicely into a mid-disco groove, though it is fairly standard for the group and would never be anything more than an album track. “Still I’m Sad” is a mournful song that is one of their rare successes as a ballad. Two bonus tracks in the shape of a remix of “Ma Baker” that would work in a contemporary club setting and the awful “Stories” which

Boney M’s most successful album (UK no.1 for weeks and only US chart entry at no. 134) opens with a killer medley of the title track segued with “Rasputin”; absolutely killer drums and special effects, vocoder and whatnot make this one of their greatest moments. “Rasputin” is still a great song, great story and full of drama…it stands the test of time. “Painter Man” follows and has a rollicking groove that again was another big hit in Europe. Next up would probably have to be my all-time favourite Boney M song: “He Was a Steppenwolf”. Absolutely killer groove, gorgeous strings, another great story, very lowdown kind of song that is terrific. A classic. Sadly it’s followed by the god-awful “King of the Road” which I think is a cover and it just goes to show that you will find filler on any Boney M album. Still it gives you time to make a cup of tea and come back for the excellent “Voodoonight”, again a very funky groove and full of drama, stabs of strings, liberal use of piano; all the ingredients of a great disco track. It of course features their biggest ever hits “Brown Girl in the Ring” (tralalalala etc.) and “Rivers of Babylon”, both monster hits that I have simply heard enough of. And I have never really cared for “Rivers”, but I guess I am in the minority when it comes to this groups fans. Much more appealing to me is the funky “Never Change Lovers in the Middle of the Night” (later covered by Millie Jackson) which despite its silly lyrics is catchy as hell and has some cool bass. “Heart of Gold”, the Neil Young cover is up next and like most of their covers is weak and unnecessary. Finally it closes with the Christmas favourite “Mary’s Boy Child”, another one that leaves me cold, although of course it was a megahit. I think when I listen to their killer album cuts I think that those are the songs I would dance to and can groove along to without feeling daggy whereas songs like “Mary’s Boy Child “ and “Rivers” have that old feel that appeals to the safe easy listening crowd, whereas their album tracks are often far superior in their grooveability. It has one bonus track, “Dancing in the Streets” which is awesome, but sadly it is the short version (a longer version is available on one of their rarities cds) and is worth checking out, it’s excellent.
Oceans was their last UK no. 1 album and I would say it is probably my favourite. Opening with “Let It All Be Music”, which has an anthemic opening that I imagine would have been great in concert, nice Abba like synth and a driving chorus it sets the tone nicely. “Gotta Go Home” comes up next, a European hit and more recently the source of Duck Sauce’s big hit “Barbara Streisand”. This is one of their very best commercial tracks, though it is only the short version; the longer version is better. Despite it’s off putting title, “Bye Bye Bluebird” is one of my favourite tracks from them. Beautiful flute and a light as a feather feel underpinned by some awesome funky bass; this one is just a gem that I never tire of hearing. Another single, “Bahama Mama” comes up next and is as silly as anything they did but has an insistent groove that can’t help but suck you in. the longer version is better but this is still a really fun song that didn’t do quite so well on the charts but should have. The video for it is good too. Next up is “Hold on I’m Coming” featuring fellow Hansa artist Precious Wilson, who I believe also released this by herself, and they do a good job of covering this track. They were at the top of their game with this album in my opinion. “Two of Us” has that pseudo reggae feel and does little for me. “Ribbons of Blue” is pleasant but again not really my bag, a soft song that I find vaguely depressing. However those two disappointments are more than offset by another gem: the title track “Oceans of Fantasy”. This one is again, another one of their very best with its “Fantasy Island” type feel and laid back groove, one you could imagine being on a cruise ala The Love Boat. Great stuff! “El Lute” is another of their message songs, and is kind of sweet but again not really for me. “No More Chain Gang” is a killer, full of pounding drums and Bobby’s awesome gruff voice. “I’m Born Again” was a minor UK hit but it’s a song that doesn’t do much for me, especially since I don’t care for religion in my music. “No Time to Lose” is very funky, up next, short and sweet but very cool. “Calendar Song” is up next and is surely the low point of terrible lyrics; with its pan drums and literally just saying each month of the year it would be hard to enjoy this unless you were on some good drugs and feeling exceptionally silly. “Boat on the River” is a so so slower song and “My Friend Jack” another low charting UK single has some of the stupidest lyrics out of any of their catalogue. That’s the deal with Boney M: you get killers on every album, but you will always get some rubbish.
This is the last album in this set, but they released a couple more in the mid 80’s (“Ten Thousand Light Years”, and “Eye Dance”) and this is where their popularity started to decline. The opening track is great though: a medley of the title track (I’m not writing it again) and ending with “Train to Skaville”, it’s really funky and joyous. “Silly Confusion” has some great synth, especially towards the end. The rest of the tracks are more in that pseudo reggae vibe that doesn’t really gel with me and I won’t bother mentioning, except for “We Kill The World” which was a UK No.39 single and has an ok groove, but silly lyrics and you do get an awesome bonus track “Felicidad” which was also performed by a group called Massara. Great electronics on that one.
No liner notes, just the original albums in their original cardboard sleeves, no credits, but this is a great buy for Boney M fans, especially those that overlooked them for being just cheesy Euro pop; there are some seriously funky grooves on board here that are well worth being spun again.