Boyan Ensemble Of Kiev, Ukraine, Bogdan Antkiv* ‎– Ukrainian Orthodox & Folk Music


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Ukrainian Orthdodox Music
1 Syvat (Holy, Holy,Holy)
Composed By – From The Ancient Irmolohion*
2 'Our Father'
Composed By – Old Kievan Chant*
3 Khvalite Imia Vsevyshnie (Praise The Name Of The Lord)
Composed By – Old Chant, Kievo-Pecherska Lavra*
4 O Hore Mni, Hrishnyku (Woe Is Me, For I Am A Sinner)
Arranged By – M. Leontovych*Composed By – Old Psalm*
5 Pod Tvoyu Mylost (Unto Thy Grace We Flock)
Composed By – D. Bortniansky*
6 Khvalite Imia Hospodnie (Praise The Name Of God)
Composed By – V. Smirnov*
7 Blahoslovy Dushe Moya Hospoda (Bless God, Oh My Soul)
Composed By – K. Stecenko*
8 Fragments From The Ukranian Orthodox Divine Liturgy
9 Viruyu (Credo)
Composed By – M. Leontovych*
Ukrainian Folk Songs
10 Bells
Arranged By – I.Yatsinevych*
11 Diva Syna Porodyla (Virgin Had A Baby)
Written By – O. Koshytz*
12 Angels In Heaven
Composed By – K. Stetsenko*
13 Shcho To Za Predyvo (Oh, What A Wonder!)
Composed By – V. Barvinsky*
14 Za Richkoyu Za Dunayem (Over The Danube River)
Composed By – Cossack Song*
15 Bozhe Bozhe Shcho Sia Vodyt (Oh Lord, What Is Happening?)
Written By – S. Ludkevych*
16 Chorna Rillya Izorana (Black Ploughed Field)
Composed By – Soldier's Song*
17 Tchotyry Voly Pasu Ya (I Am A Shepherd Of Four Oxen)
Composed By – Folk Song*
18 Kolomyika (I Love Music So Much I Want To Dance Day And Night)
Composed By – Folk Song*
19 'On The Makivka Hill' - Rifleman's Song

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