Brain Dead (6) ‎– Discography

Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, C90

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Demo (2005)
A1 Not Worth My Time
A2 Ends Not Means
A3 My Words
A4 Brain Dead (To The World)
A5 Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers
A6 Racist
A7 Ted Bundy
S/T 7" (2005)
A8 On My Own
A9 Just Fuck Off
A10 Creepy Crawl
A11 Richard
A12 Get Mad
A13 Fuck The NME
A14 Ted Bundy
A15 End Of The Line
A16 No More Heroes
A17 Mind Melt
Split 7" W/ Hangover Heartattack (2005)
A18 Religious Hoax
A19 Revenge
A20 Conspiracy Theory
A21 Death Sentence
A22 Die You Bastard!
Priest Killer 7" (2006)
A23 Blind Faith
A24 God Is Dead
A25 Inquisition
A26 Hell On Earth
A27 Watchmaker
A28 No Trust
A29 Drowning In Blood
A30 Killing Rats
A31 Priest Killer
A32 Holy War
Run Your Mouth Comp 7" (2006)
A33 Civilisation
A34 Citizens Arrest
Written-By – Negative FX
Split 7" W/ Crash The Pose (2006)
A35 No Evidence
A36 Swine
A37 Child Abuse
A39 Servants
Thrash War Comp 7" (2007)
A40 Famine
A41 Stop The Cruise
A42 Miyazaki
A43 Parasites (Same Session Unreleased)
Infest Tribute CD We've Never Seen A Copy Of
A44 Kill The Peace
Written-By – Infest
Split 7" W/ Rot In Hell (2007)
B1 Black Death
B2 Abort
B3 Empty Skies
B4 Virginia Tech
Freak Power Comp LP (Recorded 2007, Released 2010)
B5 Weak Species
Live At Castle Pub, Manchester UK (24/04/2007)
B6 Priest Killer
B7 Richard Goes Out At Night
B8 Miyazaki
B9 Ted Bundy
B10 Die You Bastard!
B11 Revenge
B13 Get Mad
B14 God Is Dead
B15 Just Fuck Off
B16 Holy War
B17 No More Heroes
B18 Creepy Crawl
B19 Blind Faith
B20 Death Sentence
B21 Mind Melt
B22 Diehard
Written-By – Integrity (2)
B23 Kill The Peace
Written-By – Infest
B24 Screaming At A Wall (Trad)
Written-By [Uncredited] – Minor Threat


Limited to 55 hand-numbered copies. Compiles all songs ever recorded during the band's existence, including covers and an unreleased track, plus a live set. Released at their last ever show.