The Bran Flakes ‎– Hey Won't Somebody Come And Play?

Ovenguard Music ‎– ogcd13


1 The Music From Another Planet
2 They're Laughing At Me
3 Now You Can Play Along With Us (Segue I)
4 You Can Never Go Home Again (2148)
5 Cinder
6 Dale
7 Oh Don Ho
8 Speak To Me Through Your Shoes
9 Now You Can Play Along With Us (Segue II)
10 Marcy And Joey
11 Hey Won't Somebody Come And Play
12 This Sound
13 Feelings
14 Let Us Please Him Children: A) I Love You - B) God Is Different Things To Different People - C) Jesus He Wants Us To Go To Venus
15 Sunglasses, A Gun And Distance
16 L'Inverno: A) A Missionary And His Violin - B) Vivaldi Comes Alive - C) Step Every Time The Music Steps - D) Delightful Afternoon - E) Sometimes The Wind Blows
17 Persuasive Conditioning
18 Sound Smack Dab In The Center
19 Let's Play That Record On Sex Again
20 Go Go Up!
21 You Can Be My Monkey
22 Riddle
23 One Coordinate At A Time
24 Strawberry Simmons
25 Bran Flakes (Edit No. 7)
26 Sample Some Effects
27 Learning About Love
28 Glory
29 Fibrillating
30 Follow The Groove Modulations
31 Take A Bomb On An Airplane
32 Praise The Lord
33 I Am A Groupie
34 John Caligula
35 Relax
36 Why Can't My Dolly Have A Birthday Party
37 The Hello Show
38 Collage Collage
39 I'm So Very Glad That You Are My Friend