Branta Ïx ‎– Arse-Shaped Boxx

3 × CDr

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1-1 Another Level, Treble Devil
1-2 Terminal Tag
1-3 Ironic Maiden's Anthrax Syntax
1-4 Troubleshooting Star
1-5 Colonial Embryonic Acid Blanket
1-6 Duke Noodle
1-7 Eavesdropping On The Eardrummer
1-8 (Ode To) Decoding (La Silencio)
1-9 Kinetic Boi
1-10 Carbon Swine Do Swallow
1-11 Tone Def Toe Jam
1-12 Toolpaste
1-13 V.J. Of The Wrong Senses
1-14 Bank Trippin'
1-15 State Soul Trooper
1-16 Webcambodia
2-1 Intro (Calm Psalm)
2-2 Riga, TX
2-3 Mystery Bit (R&B Free Edit)
2-4 Constant Rebukes
2-5 Cough Drop Beats
2-6 Ass Chaps Under Wraps
2-7 Capsicum And Fragipani
2-8 Casios, Cum And Green Bullets
2-9 Broccoli And Gunpowder
2-10 Smack Athletic
2-11 Lost Hit (Janet Is My Homeboy)
2-12 Story Of Chris Isaac (Unfinished?)
2-13 Webcambodia (Rock Version)
2-14 (Get Down To) Ambient Avenue
2-15 Lift-Offs In Lithium Land
2-16 Chernobyl Canaries
2-17 Pre F.M. Radio Sri Lanka
2-18 Pre Colour T.V. Denmark
3-1 Center Of The Centre (Elektronavn Remix)
Remix – Elektronavn
3-2 Brown Submarine (Kristian Thomsen Remix)
Remix – Kristian Thomsen
3-3 Faxed Sandwich (Faxed Sandwich With Something Bad On The Line) (Tsn Ene Remix)
Remix – Tsn Ene
3-4 The Dimmer Switch That Is Your (Under)Mind (Exquisite Russian Brides Remix)
Remix – Exquisite Russian Brides
3-5 Short Bangs (Corners Of Nowhere, The Remix)
Remix – The Corners Of Nowhere
3-6 Schlong 2 (Brumdrøn Remix)
Remix – Brumdrøn
3-7 Ronaldo McDonaldo (Destructo Swarmbots Remix)
Remix – Destructo Swarmbots
3-8 Branta Sex (Slightly Distorted Visions Of Branta Sex) (Tsn Ene Remix)
Remix – Tsn Ene
3-9 Ride The Hyphen (Cryptic Scenery Remix)
Remix – Cryptic Scenery
3-10 Chops For Stray Hands (Chops For Gay Fans) (Funny Art Collective Remix)
Remix – Funny Art Collective
3-11 Aix Aix Baby (Inhibitionists, The Remix)
Remix – The Inhibitionists*
3-12 Terminal Tag (Jakob G Flystyrt V.1 Remix)
Remix – Jakob G


Comes in a cardboard box.
The three cd's have individual titles:
CD1: Ghetto Picnic - The best of (or, rather, selections from) the Branta Aix/Ïx Back Catalouge 2000-2003

CD2: Fruitgun - Previously Unreleased Material 2001 - 2005

CD3: Blowdry Yr Mind - A collection of remixes done by other people