The Brian Jonestown Massacre ‎– And This Is Our Music

14 × File, Album, Promo


1 Introesque 0:59
2 Starcleaner 2:29
3 Here To Go 5:25
4 When Jokers Attack 3:47
5 Prozac Vs. Heroin 3:55
6 Geezers 5:15
7 Maryanne (I Never Told You So) 2:11
8 You Look Great When I'm Fucked Up 5:41
9 Here It Comes 3:14
10 Prozac Vs. Heroin Revisited 4:39
11 A New Low In Getting High 3:40
12 Some Things Go Without Saying 2:26
13 Tscusse 4:54
14 The Pregnancy Test 2:19


Advanced issue of rough mixed versions made available for free download on the band's website prior to legitimate release of the album. Most songs are noticeably much more roughly mixed and unmastered. Additionally, this version is lacking a few songs that made the final release.
Apart from the sometimes quite noticeable differences in overall mixing, here are some additional differences from the final edits:
• Song 2 lacks the strings track found on the final edit.
• Song 3 is preceded with roughly 10 seconds of studio banter and lacks the strings track.
• Song 4's bass and cymbals are much more predominate in the mix.
• Song 5's strings are pushed way to the bottom of the mix and much less noticeable than on the final edit.
• Song 6's backing vocals are pushed much farther down and feedback overdubs are lacking.
• Song 7 has backing vocals pushed down in the mix and is lacking the horns track.
• Song 8 is a much sparser mix with a few extra drum beats at parts and is faded out roughly 70 seconds earlier than the final edit.
• Song 9 has a completely different vocal track and is lacking female vocals (this version was later put on the rarities compilation, "Your Side of Our Story")
• Song 13 is a *vastly* different mix; much tinnier and lacking almost any low end. It is made to sound much more ethereal, with vocals drenched in very heavy reverb. Additionally, the string tracks are lacking, the song is preceded with roughly 12 seconds of drum beats, and the outro is significantly different.