Britney Spears ‎– The Britney Escapade (Career Compilation - 5 CDs)

5 × CDr, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Mixed, Unofficial Release, Stereo


CD1-01 Prerogative Intro
CD1-02 Hold It Against Me
CD1-03 Work Bitch
CD1-04 Circus
CD1-05 Me Against The Music (with Madonna)
CD1-06 Piece Of Me
CD1-07 Crazy
CD1-08 Bombastic Love
CD1-09 Outta This World
CD1-10 When Your Eyes Say It
CD1-11 Walk On By / Sometimes
CD1-12 Inside Out
CD1-13 Perfume
CD1-14 Quicksand
CD1-15 It Should Be Easy (interlude)
CD1-16 Trouble
CD1-17 Boys
CD1-18 Showdown / The Hook Up
CD1-19 Freakshow
CD1-20 Mannequin
CD1-21 Over To You Now
CD1-22 Kill The Lights
CD1-23 Gimme More
CD1-24 My Prerogative
CD2-01 Overprotected
CD2-02 The Chaotic Suite (Mona Lisa / Chaotic / Dramatic / I've Just Begun)
CD2-03 I'm A Slave 4 U
CD2-04 Oops!...I Did It Again
CD2-05 Breathe On Me
CD2-06 Touch Of My Hand
CD2-07 Blur / Early Mornin'
CD2-08 Gasoline
CD2-09 Get Naked (I Got A Plan)
CD2-10 Radar
CD2-11 Seal It With A Kiss
CD2-12 Ooh La La
CD2-13 Deep In My Heart
CD2-14 Anticipating / Brave New Girl
CD2-15 Pretty Girls (interlude)
CD2-16 How I Roll
CD2-17 I Will Be There
CD2-18 Chillin' With You
CD2-19 Heaven On Earth
CD2-20 Trip To Your Heart
CD2-21 And Then We Kiss
CD2-22 Lucky
CD2-23 Heart
CD3-01 Let Go
CD3-02 Shattered Glass
CD3-03 Womanizer
CD3-04 Toxic
CD3-05 Tom's Diner
CD3-06 Big Fat Bass / 3
CD3-07 Do Somethin' / I Love Rock N Roll
CD3-08 Lonely
CD3-09 ...Baby One More Time
CD3-10 Perfect Lover
CD3-11 Where Are You Now
CD3-12 From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart
CD3-13 Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know
CD3-14 Shadow / I Run Away
CD3-15 Baby Boy
CD3-16 Sugarfall
CD3-17 Criminal
CD3-18 Don't Cry
CD3-19 Everytime
CD3-20 Why Should I Be Sad
CD3-21 Hold On Tight
CD3-22 Someday I Will Understand
CD3-23 My Baby
CD3-24 Everyday
CD4-01 Out From Under
CD4-02 Alien
CD4-03 'Till The World Ends
CD4-04 I Wanna Go
CD4-05 Scream And Shout / I Wanna Go (reprise)
CD4-06 Ooh Ooh Baby
CD4-07 Body Ache / Tik Tik Boom
CD4-08 Amnesia
CD4-09 Phonography
CD4-10 Don't Hang Up
CD4-11 I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman
CD4-12 Girl In The Mirror
CD4-13 Can't Make You Love Me
CD4-14 Cinderella
CD4-15 If U Seek Amy
CD4-16 What It's Like To Be Me
CD4-17 Let Me Be
CD4-18 Born To Make You Happy
CD4-19 Til It's Gone
CD4-20 When I Found You
CD4-21 Now That I Found You
CD4-22 Passenger
CD4-23 Stronger
CD4-24 Til The World Ends (reprise)
CD5-01 Invitation
CD5-02 Do You Wanna Come Over?
CD5-03 Slumber Party
CD5-04 Make Me (Solo Version)
CD5-05 Man On The Moon
CD5-06 Mood Ring
CD5-07 Just Luv Me
CD5-08 Just Like Me
CD5-09 Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)
CD5-10 Private Show
CD5-11 Clumsy
CD5-12 Better
CD5-13 Liar
CD5-14 Love Me Down
CD5-15 If I'm Dancing
CD5-16 Hard To Forget Ya
CD5-17 What You Need
CD5-18 Coupure Electrique
Bonus Rare Tracks
CD5-19 It Feels Nice
CD5-20 Scary
CD5-21 Unbroken
CD5-22 Strangest Love
CD5-23 State Of Grace
CD5-24 Just Yesterday
CD5-25 ...Baby One More Time (Answering Machine Message)


- a collection of Britney's entire music career
- New Updated 2017 Version: includes bonus 5th Disc with music from the "GLORY" era and bonus 7 rare tracks. (check pictures for tracklisting)
- more than 120 songs in 5 CD's,
- all songs original versions (some extended), all mixed together!
-- all songs have been brought up to the maximum quality possible with crisp sound for a greater listening experience
- includes a lot of non-album tracks & b-sides
- 5 disc case