Brown Piss ‎– Transection Of Bowel

Chaotic Noise Productions ‎– cnpr- 40


A1 Old Men Eating Trash
A2 Colonic Perforations
A3 Intra-Abdominal Pathology
A4 Excreting Maggots
A5 Blunt Scrotal Trauma
A6 Rectal Morbidity
A7 Cesspool Of Decaying Matter
A8 Transection Of Bowel
A9 40 Pounds Of Toxic Fecal Matter
A10 Elimination Of Waste
A11 Reduced To Liquid
A12 Night Of The Demons
A13 Eat A Bowl Of Fuck
A14 Faecal Party
A15 A Bunch Of Shit
A16 Eroding Intestines
A17 Peritonitis
A18 Splatter Bladder
A19 Corpse Fucking Corpse
A20 Untitled
A21 Untitled
A22 Untitled
A23 Untitled
A24 Untitled
A25 Untitled
A26 Untitled
A27 Creepozoids
A28 Shit Smeared Corpse
A29 Untitled
A30 Untitled
A31 Untitled
A32 Untitled
A33 Untitled
A34 Untitled
A35 Untitled
A36 Untitled
A37 Untitled
A38 Untitled
A39 Untitled
A40 Untitled
A41 Untitled
A42 Untitled
A43 Untitled
A44 Cemetary Piss
A45 The Brown Mile
A46 Laparotomy
A47 Untitled
A48 Untitled
A49 Untitled
A50 Untitled
A51 Untitled
A52 Untitled
A53 Untitled
A54 Untitled
A55 Untitled
A56 Untitled
A57 Untitled
A58 Untitled
A59 Untitled


Recorded/ mixed at The Green Room from July to December of 2015.
The same program repeats on both sides of the tape.